Sunday 26 July 2020

[Gifted tee from The Yay Makers & gifted bikini from SHEIN]

Wearing bright colours isn't easy for everyone – it hasn't always been easy for me, so I know all too well the fear that comes with being bold. 

I have always LOVED colour. Bright colours are very much a part of me. But when I was in my early teens, I can remember wearing greys, blacks and browns a lot more than anything else. When you're at school, your wardrobe for your out-of-school life is pretty limited. My out-of-school wardrobe consisted of pretty dull clothes in my early teens – beige and grey tracksuit bottoms, blue jeggings, grey t-shirts etc... completely unrecognisable to how I dress these days. 

From around 14/15 onwards, I began to get more confident with colour. Pink jeans, leopard print t-shirts, tie-dyed clothes, Abercrombie + Fitch hot pink t-shirts and lots of Jack Wills stuff too. My style in my teens was incredibly 'of the time' but with an added sprinkle of colour and flare. 

From around 16/17, my style really came into my own. Bold prints, bright colours and an unapologetic attitude – my blog was born in 2013 and so was I. I started college in the autumn of 2014 and I would say that it was from there onwards that my personal style was really formed, moulded and matured. From sparkly jackets, metallic trainers, orange dresses and red lipstick – my first year of college was a colour explosion and I LOVED it! 

From experimenting at age 17 to the present day – I have really honed in on my style and everything I love about fashion, colour and dressing to make a statement. 

Fast-forward to 2020 – I'm almost 23 and I LOVE wearing colour more than anything. Colour empowers me, makes me feel confident, inflicts a positive mental attitude and brightens up the dreariest of days. 

People think that they should shy away from wearing colour because they're 'too fat' or because 'bright colours don't suit' them – but that's absolutely absurd. Anybody can wear colour and any BODY can wear colour. No matter what hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, body shape, size or type – wear colours that make you feel happy and uplifted! 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE wearing black outfits or colours with a very neutral colour palette – but I'll always add a splash of colour, whether that be a bright red lip, a bold blue nail polish or an orange silk scarf. You can incorporate colour into your life and into your outfits so easily – once you've mastered it, you'll be adding touches of colour with complete and utter ease. 

Steal Mollie's Style

Mollie is wearing a gorgeous bold tee from The Yay Makers. The Yay Makers is a marvellous subscription box that provides you with a gorgeous t-shirt either on a monthly subscription basis or a one-off basis! This gorgeous tee was designed by Rebecca Strickson – isn't it just perfect? Especially for today's current climate! 

Mollie is also sporting a bikini from SHEIN – it's the Plus Frill Trim High Waisted Bikini in Bright Pink. Use code SS267 for 15% off! 


  1. This is a lovely post - I used to wear only black, and the transition into rocking colours was a challenge at first! You're looking gorgeous Mollie; love the bright pink on you!


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