Sunday 19 July 2020

[Gifted bikini from SHEIN]

Hi, I'm Mollie Munro Quirk. I'm 22-years-old and I am fat. Yes, you did just read that correctly. I am fat. And yes, I am calling myself fat. Why? Because that's what I am. I'm fat and I'm okay with it – I'm at peace with my fatness and you should be too.

I remember when I first discovered the body positivity community and I saw the word 'fat' being used by people to describe themselves. It made me really uncomfortable – I felt way out of my depths and was not ready to use it as a word to describe my body. 

Even up until a few months ago, using the word 'fat' to describe my body made me feel all kinds of weird. The word 'fat' was always a word used against me in a negative way – "Mollie's ugly and fat" I heard while at school on various occasions. The word 'fat' is almost always used in a negative way – diets use it to promote losing weight, people ask their friends if they "look any fatter" or if an item of clothing makes them "look fat". We've been taught that being 'fat' equals undesirable, unhealthy, ugly and something we should always try to actively avoid and change should we end up being fat. 

One year ago I was worried to post a photo of me in a dress that exposed the tops of my arms because I thought they looked too fat... but now I'm wearing an actual BIKINI – with no kaftan, kimono or cover up and I am saying "look at me, I look beautiful, I am fat and I look HOT AS HELL"

I'm guilty of asking my mum if I look "fatter" sometimes. It's bad. I'm preaching to you about being fat positive, and yet I'm guilty as hell for being fat negative occasionally – but that's because loving your body, loving your fat and loving the way you look is never easy, it's never linear and it's not going to happen in a matter of days, weeks, months or years! 

I remember reading Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe for the first time a few years ago – she mentioned the word fat and I cringed. "I don't want to be fat" I thought to myself, but I continued reading. And then I realised that fat isn't a bad word. There are SO many worse things you could be.. but somehow, we all fear fat and we shouldn't. 

Being fat isn't bad – you just think it is because that's how we've all been conditioned since we were born. The media are guilty of forcing a specific beauty ideal upon us all; society is guilty of judging us for not conforming; and we are all guilty of trying to conform and getting hurt in the process. 

If you're fat – CLAIM IT, OWN IT, SAY IT, SHOUT IT! Just say "I am fat" and own it. Take back the word that has made you feel inferrer all of your life and actually make peace with it. 

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  1. hey Mollie I instantly fell in love with your confidence girl you looking beautiful. I also gained some weight in this lockdown and at first I would feel awful about it missing my diet body but now I'm feeling way better I have learnt to appreciate who I am how I am as long as I'm comfortable with all of me I'm good. Thank you for sharing this lovely post.


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