Thursday 12 March 2020

I am NOT a sporty person, but this doesn't mean I'm not into looking sporty and chic, in fact I'm a massive fan of the sports luxe trend. I can remember in 2014/15 when it was the biggest trend of the times – Chanel and Moschino are just two of the labels that embraced this casual trend while injecting fun and glamour.

Personally, I don't think trends ever 'die' – trends live on through the people who love them. And I for one, adore the sports luxe trend.

Although I love this sporty yet luxe trend, I've never taken (and doubt I ever will take) to certain aspects. Namely tracksuit bottoms and oversized sweatshirts. The last time I wore tracksuit bottoms was when I was 14 – I doubt I could ever wear them again because I just don't feel comfortable doing so, for me it just feels too casual and like I'm majorly underdressed. Some people however can just pull them off with such ease and grace – I am very jealous!

Sports luxe doesn't have to mean tracksuits and tops with numbers printed upon them – sports luxe can be your very own unique interpretation. For me, sports luxe is about a vibe, an aura and a colour palette. I think sports luxe should have a light and airy colour palette in the spring and a brighter colour palette throughout the rest of the year. Think beiges, greys, pinks, peaches and metallics in the spring, pinks in the summer and reds, mustards and blacks in the autumn/winter.

When putting this outfit together, I wanted it to be chic with a subtle sporty vibe. I paired off-white M&S jeans with a beige Pringle X H&M jumper, my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 in Damier Azur and my rose gold Nike trainers. This outfit is so comfortable, incredibly chic and absolutely on-trend for the spring as we approach the warmer months. 

I don't think trends ever 'die' – trends live on through the people who love them

This is the kind of sports luxe outfit I could wear everyday – it has the perfect balance of smart and casual. Each element teams perfectly together without feeling overtly athletic or chic. 

Whether you can rock a tracksuit or prefer wearing jeans and a jumper – providing the vibe exudes both sporty and chic, you're succeeding! Forget about my preferences, forget about society's preferences – wear what YOU want to wear and what feels the most authentically sports luxe for YOU and your personal style.

Although trends alter every year, I personally don't follow that pattern. Pave your own way to your own personal style – wear the trends you like, even if they 'expired' a year ago!

Do you like the sports luxe trend? Let me know in the comments below!

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