Sunday 1 March 2020

[Dress & waistcoat gifted to me by SHEIN]

A mantra that I'm taking with me into 2020, courtesy of Taylor Swift...
As I'm writing this, I'm sat at the table while the light is streaming in through the window.. isn't winter sunshine just the most glorious thing?

The line above is from the closing track Daylight on Taylor Swift's album Lover is something that everybody should adopt as their mantra."STEP INTO THE DAYLIGHT AND LET IT GO, JUST LET IT GO" is reminiscent of an affirmation, something that I love. The song Daylight is all about accepting where you are, appreciating how far you've come and being grateful for all that you love, while not thinking about what you dislike. It's a poignant song that I personally adore.

It's a song that tells you to step out into the daylight, the fresh air and out from the darkness – it tells you to have hope, to be fragile and to be who you truly are.

2020 is my year and your year for stepping out from the darkness and into the daylight. It's our year for letting go and being born again in our truest form. Don't worry if you haven't set intentions for this year yet – it's never too late! And as we are currently approaching spring – the season for re-birth – maybe now is the perfect time for you to step into the daylight? Maybe the universe brought you here so you can do just that?

Here's just five of the steps I'm taking to step into the daylight this year:

  • Make a vision board for the month, quarter, year or decade ahead: I find this such an important practise. Step into the daylight by creating a piece of positivity that contains all you love, adore, aspire to achieve and be (I have a blog post on this, find it here).
  • Journal each morning and/or each evening: I've vowed to journal one-to-two times each day – whether I journal in the morning, the evening or both – I think it's important to sit down for five minutes and reflect. I purchased two fabulous books from The Works – they're called 'Five Minutes Every Morning' and 'Five Minutes Every Evening' – they have writing prompts and are perfect for unwinding in the evening or reflecting in the morning.
  • Practise gratitude: This is such an important way to step into the daylight. Simply list five things you're grateful for and why they make you happy. Stick them on post-it notes, say them aloud to yourself, write them over and over. It will soon lift your mood and allow you to step into the daylight with ease and grace.
  • Read more spiritual literature: I adore spiritual literature. I'm currently reading Gabrielle Bernstein's book Super Attractor it's truly an incredible book that has really given me so much strength, happiness and inspiration so far. 2020 is the year I delve even more into the Law Of Attraction, and this book is just perfect for this!
  • Take my faith more seriously: The last half of 2019 saw me drift a little away from Wicca. I was still carrying out my usual readings, rituals and spells, but I had definitely drifted. I was stressed, I was lost and I didn't have a lot of faith in my own faith. But since mid-December, I've been getting back into Wicca, LOA and my general spirituality. Whatever higher power you believe in, please try to hone in on your faith and beliefs this year – for they will ease us into the daylight.
Spring officially begins on March 20th in the UK. So if you want a fresh start maybe today, March 1st is your chance to start over? Or maybe on the 20th – the first day of spring! But really, you can start whenever you want.. make a small change today for a world of difference!

2020 is the year that we step into who we truly are. It's the year we become aligned with the Universe. And it's the year that we manifest our wildest dreams. Whether you believe in a higher force/power or not – please embrace all things positive, and please do it for your greater good (as well as the greater good of those around you, and the world also).

Here's an affirmation for you to take into your life, soul and heart:
I am present, I am aligned with the Universe and I am ready to let go of all that no longer serves me. I am ready to step into the daylight, away from the darkness and I am ready to truly hone in on the power that lives inside me. 2020 is the year I take ahold of my power and use it for my greatest good, as well as the greatest good for those surrounding me. I am letting go of negativity and letting in positivity. 
Write this down, say it beneath either a full moon or a new moon, sage smudge your surroundings and let it all go.

Steal Mollie's Style

I'm wearing a gorgeous Mesh Star A Line Dress with a Gold Button Plaid Tweed Vest Coat – both items gifted to me from SHEIN Plus. You can use my discount code QUIRKQ2 for 15% off of SHEIN's Plus range.

I styled this look with a patent leather handbag from Lulu Guinness, leather pumps from Clarks, black tights and my statement red lip!

What's your 2020 mantra? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Absolutely love this and so much yes! You look so beautiful. My mantra is always work hard and be kind, amongst lots of others! x



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