Sunday 22 March 2020

I don't know about you, but I just cannot resist a sale. Although I'm against panic buying (well, kind of) and buying clothes that aren't needed – providing you shop in a savvy manner and only buy things that you will genuinely get years of wear out of, then I'm fine with it.

I'd say I'm a pretty smart sales shopper. I'm always bagging bargains –  £2 Jasper Conran kitten heels from Debenhams, £10 bags from Marks & Spencer, £6.50 trousers, £4 roll-necks and of course the £4 dress I'm sporting in these photos. I LOVE a bargain, so much so that if something is in the sale and I think it's not the best possible price – I won't bother buying it! 

The dress I'm wearing in these photos is by Redherring at Debenhams and has an RRP of £35 – but I bagged it for just £4! Crazy right? 

Mollie's top 3 tips for shopping savvy in the sales

1. Ask a shop assistant when their next sale is likely to start. Sometimes they might say "I'm really sorry but I'm not allowed to say", sometimes they will hint and other times they will tell you the exact date or time. Either way, this is the way I always find out when the sale will be. I have a rough idea of when sales usually begin – March, June, September and December – those are the usual months of the 'bigger' sales. So be sure to ask your favourite stores at the beginning of each of those months.

2. Have a clear out before the sales begin. I love to have a small clear out before the sales start – this 1) makes way for new items and 2) helps a good cause. I tend to donate to charity, but I know lots of people use Depop – so why not stick it on there to get a little extra cash for your sales spree?

3. On the first day of the sales, only buy it if you REALLY love it. When I go to the sales (especially Marks & Spencer or River Island) I tend to only buy the things that will sell out of my size quickly. If I'm not desperate for it, if I think it's still too pricy, or if I don't think it will sell, I will wait. Sometimes waiting is risky, but nine times out of ten it's worth it. In Marks & Spencer they will 'yellow sticker' everything (which means most of the clothing will be at least 70–80% off RRP) – this usually happens around 2–3 weeks after the sale starts. River Island 'purple sticker' certain things after around 3 weeks. When it's 2–3 weeks after a sale begins, this is PRIME bargain hunting territory – perfect for bagging garments for barely anything..

4. Have patience. It's important to be able to wait. Not everything you've had your heart set on will make it to this sale – wait it out and no doubt you'll scoop exactly what you want in the next sale!

Are you a savvy shopper? What's the best bargain you've bagged from a sale? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This dress is so cute and perfect for spring!!! Love it!!! I can't say no to a great bargain!! x


  2. I read £4 dress and I clicked straight away haha. Having a clear out before shopping is such a great tip and it's definitely something that I need to improve on! Such a cute little dress too xx

    Megan Elizabeth


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