Sunday 1 September 2019

Happy September 1st, the first day of meteorological autumn! Okay, so the autumn equinox (also known as Mabon for my Wiccan friends) isn't until September 23rd, but I start decorating for autumn in August so you're lucky that this post is arriving as late as this! In August 2018 I created my Instagram page @theperksofautumn. I created an account dedicated to autumn because it has been my favourite season for as long as I can remember. My account has grown so much and I'm so lucky to have an entire community of autumn lovers.

I'm one of the very few pages that posts only authentic content (photos taken by myself). I wanted to keep my page real, true and informative. I like to share the beauty of nature, my autumnal finds in the UK, autumnal hauls, autumn fashion and anything and everything relating to fall. 

When I first started my autumn page I remember coming across @autumnfirstbabe – an AMAZING fall-themed Instagram account that I fell in love with instantly. AFB is an account run by Lauralee who lives in America. I absolutely ADORE everything about her page. From her autumnal finds (that I am super jealous of because the UK is super dry on the fall decor front), to her recipes, YouTube videos, autumnal shop and day-to-day life! Her fall decor is stunning and I can totally relate to her love for the best season of all... FALL! 

I also follow and interact with a TONNE of amazing autumn-themed repost accounts who post cozy fall-themed photos from Pinterest and other sources. Following fall-themed accounts is SO warming.. it gets you into a cozy mood straight away.. I JUST LOVE IT!!

The purpose of this post was to 1) introduce you to TPOA and to 2) tell you about all of the exciting content that will be coming your way this autumn/winter! 

So – I have lots of autumnal outfits/photoshoots coming at ya over the next few months. As well as LOTS of autumn-themed baking, autumn hauls, autumn candle reviews and then of course we move into Christmas-territory so gift guides will be up and coming! 

Get set for blog posts relating to every single facet of autumn.. I am so excited to share this amazing season with you all!


  1. I had no idea Autumn Instagram accounts were a thing, but I need to check them out! Autumn photos are always so cosy and cute xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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