Wednesday 4 September 2019

[Crockery gifted to me by Source Lifestyle]


Every year on my birthday, I host a cute and kitsch tea party. Gorgeous decor, lots of tea, a splash of gin and mountains of sweet treats to delight my loved ones...

I was kindly gifted the most gorgeous crockery from Source Lifestyle. I was contacted by them a few weeks ago and was asked if there was anything that I'd like to blog about. Upon first glance of their website I fell in love with the Yvonne Ellen crockery – the most beautiful, kitsch crockery I have ever set my eyes on.

As a sentimental girl who adores all things vintage, pretty and quaint – how could I not opt for these stunning pieces? As soon as I set eyes on them my imagination was running away with me with how beautiful I could set my table and how perfect a tea party would look.

As the plates arrived near my 22nd birthday I thought I would take the photos and set up the most magical tea party on my actual birthday. Each year I hold a gorgeous tea party – cakes, sandwiches, chocolate biscuits, iced cupcakes – the perfect vintage setting!

Source Lifestyle kindly gifted me the following Yvonne Ellen crockery pieces:

Yvonne Ellen Elephant Cup & Saucer 
Yvonne Ellen Zebra Cup & Saucer
Yvonne Ellen Animal Plate Set of 4
Yvonne Ellen Cute Whale Platter

The crockery is all so vintage-looking, so quaint yet with the most adorable modern touch! Cute animals adorn each piece and the pastel colour scheme is timeless.

Each piece is beautifully decorated – they'd look so beautiful displayed on a dresser (I'm actually going to be investing in a dresser next year when I move, so I cannot wait for them to take pride of place).

The teacups and saucers are so dainty and classic; the four cake plates are perfect for a generous slab of birthday cake; and the large whale plate is so perfect for a mountain of egg mayonnaise sandwiches.

Yvonne Ellen crockery from Source Lifestyle really made the tea party complete – it gave it the most amazing vintage/modern crossover vibe, while injecting some colour and style. I adore these beautiful pieces and cannot wait to throw another tea party at some point (hopefully soon).

Thank you so much, Source Lifestyle and Yvonne Ellen, for really making the day super special and stylish! 

Photo gallery from my birthday tea party: 04.09.2019

Dress is gifted by Lady V from a previous collaboration

I can't quite believe I'm 22! It's such an honour to be alive.. I am so truly grateful for my life and everything I am so lucky to be blessed with.

I'm off out now to celebrate with cocktails, shopping, good food, amazing company and lots of laughs.

Sending all the love and hugs – love from (22-year-old) Mollie x


  1. Happy 22nd beauty! I love that you have a tea party every year - that's such a good idea!! Your cat is so cute by the way xx

    Megan Elizabeth


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