Tuesday 17 September 2019

[Dress gifted to me by Junarose]

I've been writing songs since I can remember. Songs about love and life, songs about tiny details and songs that mean an awful lot to me. As much as I would love to record these songs, they're very unfinished. And as I'm not in the frame of mind that I was when I started each of these songs, I figured I would publish them here as poems.

This is partly inspired by Taylor Swift's Lover album and the way she printed pages of her journals. I hope you love my little insight.

I found a few of my song books the other week and as I read them they resembled deep and meaningful poems.. so here they are.

*I've not published any complete songs, as I still live in hope that I will record them one day. But who knows, I could share them with you all someday.*

Pouring Rain (10/05/18)
I got drunk
And I thought about the things
I hadn't thought about
For a long long time

I realised
That I miss your face
And your smile
I'm sick of thinking of when you were mine

And to you it's long gone over
But to me it's still dead raw
that feeling when you left me

Standing in the pouring rain

Untitled & undated
I looked at your face
Through the crack in the wall
This time it didn't hurt
Think I'm done with it all

Untitled (20/08/18)
Got a million dresses
No place to wear them
Got a heart full of love
No one to share it

Red lips
Red nails

Untitled & undated
I'll admit it
I made a mistake
I let a boy I'd known five minutes
Get in the way of this
That could
Might have
Been something

Dead Carnations (05/06/18)
I'm done with thinking of you
It's been six months since we were through
And I've dwelled on it enough

You think I'm longing for you
But I stopped wanting you
As soon as we were done

Now I'm sat on my own
Keep on checking my phone
I'm so through with it all
But I can't help feeling like

Dead carnations sitting in a vase
Dropping downwards
I'm so done with the last
Two hundred and something days
You made me feel like those
Dead carnations, I wished it was a rose

Voicemail (12/06/18)
A voicemail waiting for me when I woke up
I won't lie, I listened to it a hundred times

I wrote down the words that were slipping out of your mouth
Did you drink a little too much whiskey?
I'm probably right

Six months ago we crashed and burned
You broke my heart but still the world turned
I'd forgotten about you for once and for all
Or so I thought

My heart had healed and in a letter
I sealed the fragments of everything

Not Me (08/01/18)
It's not me
I wish it was
Wish I was different

But it's you
I wish it weren't
Wish I didn't feel like this

Because I've always been a dreamer
You ran away and left me screaming
My heart aches
It's five weeks later
I thought we might have made it

But it's not me
It's not the girl I want to be
Don't want to be all by myself
Instead I'm going to be myself

24 Hours (Winter 2009)
What did I do wrong?
Why should I write this?
Should I stand here alone?
Or shall I just go home?

Did you know that I loved you?
Did you know that I cared?

Because if you did, what sort of person are you?
I just want you back here

24 hours
Is that all I mean to you?
24 hours
Perhaps it's how I belong

Three Days (Autumn 2017)
They say three days
Is all it takes
To fall in love

I gave him three days to prove himself
Three days then nothing else

Broken Fence (12/02/18)
You shouldn't keep mending a broken fence
If it continues to fall apart
You shouldn't keep blaming yourself when it breaks
You shouldn't be nursing a broken heart

I tried to keep the peace between us
But somehow I let you wear me down

I mended the fence as much as I could
But you broke it again and again
And again

I Thought I Knew (06/01/18)
You begged me to say goodbye to him
You told me you loved me
I fell for your tricks

I thought I knew what I was getting myself into
But I was wrong

I believed that the fairytale did exist
He walked me to the bus stop and left with a kiss

He played his cards right
Didn't think I'd have to miss him
But he's gone

I really hope you enjoyed having a little read of my works. I have SO many more in two notebooks I can't find.. those notebooks contain songs and poems from 2010–2016. I will definitely be having a sort out soon.. as soon as I have found them I'll publish another collection of memoirs.

Steal Mollie's Style

I'm wearing the most beautiful, floaty dress (perfect for these transitional months) from Junarose (gifted). It's the 3/4 sleeve dress in Snow White. It's so comfortable, so feminine and so utterly chic! I feel so elegant in this beautiful number. Perfect for dressing up with some heels or down with some ballet pumps. I can't wait to style this up with some grey or black tights for an even more sophisticated look!


  1. I loved reading your song lyrics Mollie! I really hope you get to record some one day. Also, this dress is beautiful, so feminine and floaty. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Thank you so much Kate! This means so much to me! xx

  2. Beautiful lyrics Mollie!!! Love your dress so much, such a lovely print! x



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