Sunday 27 January 2019

I've grown up in a creative environment. My mum has always been creative, and has always encouraged me to be creative too. My mum is super artistic, and she honestly puts my creative efforts to shame... so yes, before you all ask – my mum actually made the majority of this bespoke dreamcatcher... and isn't it just the most stunning creation?

They are SO easy to make though! I watched her create this stunning piece in just a few hours, and I can honestly say, it doesn't look all that difficult. 

Firstly, we went to a craft store to stock up on supplies. We bought a 90p circular wreath wire, fabric remnants and a few metres of different lace. We also picked up some gorgeous tassels from the Monsoon January Sale. Everything else we used was what we already had, including the focal point – a gorgeous peachy coloured doily (which we actually used a few years ago as a stamp type thing to imprint the pattern onto a lamp shade with different coloured paints). 

The first step is gathering your remnants and then shredding them into strips with a width of around 2 inches. And then it's time to wrap around the wire! This is simple – make sure it's super tight, and make sure that each strip overlaps the next strip – this means that there is no need for sewing each and every strip. 

Once you've completed covering the circular wire wreath, it should look something like the below image:

Then it's time to sew on your desired materials, strips of lace, pom-poms, tassels, and anything else you desire. On another one my mum is making (for our living room), she has threaded loads of pretty beads from an array of old necklaces, and it looks divine, especially when intertwined with lace, gems, and more! 

We went for all different types of lace (width, colour) and then we cut them all at different lengths so it didn't look stumpy/clumpy, and then we stitched them onto the circle, alongside rags of remnant material, and other little bits we could find!

Once all of the lace, remnant material, and other pretty treasures have all been sewn on and secured, it's time to sew on the doily (or other centrepiece/focal point). My mum did a great job sewing this into place, and it looks as though it was made to measure!

These are SO incredibly easy to make, and SO cheap and affordable too! 90p for the circular wire wreath, around £3 worth of lace, £6 worth of tassels (as they were in the sale), and a few old treasures we had lying around... it's really not that hard to make gorgeous pieces to adorn your home with – whether you're on a budget or not!

If you're looking for something creative, crafty, and cheap to make, that looks chic, sassy, and fabulous – this is what you should make! You can personalise it however you want – darker fabrics, beading, more pom-poms, less pink, more faux flowers, less floral, or precious sentimental things... the world is your oyster, and you can get as creative as you like! 

I absolutely adore my new bespoke dream catcher – it's truly stunning, and I am so blessed to have such a fabulous mum who can create such beautiful things for me.

Let me know if you'll be trying your hand at one of these gorgeous bespoke dream catchers, I'd love to hear how you get on/see your results!


  1. This is seriously beautiful 😍 I love dreamcatchers so I'm going to give this a go and try to make my own!

  2. I actually really like bespoke dream-catchers - not only are they really fun and creative looking, but they also don't play at imitating Native dream-catchers and so they don't really fall under any kind of cultural appropriation....

  3. This looks beautiful! I definitely want to have a go at making one when I move! I'm thinking pastel colours with a splash of yellow!


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