Sunday 13 January 2019

My personal style has always been different to other people's. I tend to wear what I wear because it makes me stand out, look different, and express my true self. So many people dress in clothes that their friends dress in – not that I'm judging them, but I just find that it lacks personality and imagination...

A few years ago, and maybe even now – young girls in the UK were all tending to wear blue jeans, white trainers, black pleather biker jackets and white plain white t-shirts. This ensemble became synonymous with British teenage girls. I was a teen when this was a trend, but I of course didn't follow the crowd.. I paved my own way.. I paved my own catwalk.

It isn't easy to develop your own personal style. To some it can come easily, and to others it takes a little longer. For me, it has been a steady discovery, and one that is very much ongoing. I have always been bold, or so I am told. I don't shy away from pattern and print – I adore floral, I adore animal, and I adore a vast array of other different prints and patterns too. In many ways, the prints and patterns I wear reflect my personality, and also how I feel too. 

There is a simple way you can approach developing your own personal style. And the simple way is to simply wear what you love. Everything I wear, everything I purchase, and everything that hangs in my closet is something that I truly love. Unless I feel 110% beautiful in a piece of clothing, and like I could conquer the world – what's the point in wearing it? None. 

My personal style came about from wearing what I love... for me it was and still is that simple. My style varies – it isn't just 'Parisian' or 'Vintage' or 'Clean Cut' – my style can vary from any of those to grungy, classic, granny, and casual. My personal style is erratic.. it isn't linear, and if I'm honest, that's what I love most about it! My personal style is exactly that... personal! 

Why follow the trends down to a t, when you can pave your own catwalk?

Why would anybody want to look like everyone else? I'm all for following trends, but why on earth would you want to look like every other woman out there? I love interpreting the current trends into my own personal style, and putting my own spin on them too. Having a unique style doesn't mean that you can't follow the latest fashion trends, it just means that you change it up a bit, and make the current trend fit with your own style a little more.

Here are my top tips on what you can do to develop your own personal style:

1. Discover who you are...

You need to discover who you are, and how you feel. Do you feel like you're in the right era? Do you feel like the styles of a different era would suit your personality better? Or do you think that todays styles are more up your street?

2. Take a look at the catwalks...

I always have a little look at the latest trends. Analysing the catwalks and runways from high end brands is a great way of discovering what kinds of trends speak to you.

3. Select a few high end brands that you want to take inspiration from...

Once you've looked at some of the latest collections, choose a few different high end brands that you love the look of – and then take inspiration from them. For example I love the tweed styles from Chanel, especially the sports luxe styles from 2014, so when I'm shopping if I see anything tweed, I instantly think of Chanel! I also love the bold styles from Moschino, so when I see a bold or loud slogan tee, Barbie inspired outfit – I'm instantly drawn in!

4. Wear what you love...

Lastly... wear what you love! Once you've discovered the direction you want to go in... run with your knowledge, buy clothes that you feel express you, and wear them with all of the sass you have inside of you!

Dress: Monki
Cardigan: Primark
Chelsea Boots: Primark
Bag: Dune at Simply Be.

Do you have a personal style? Or do you have any tips for anybody finding their own personal style? Let me know below!

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