SBC Propolis Shampoo + Conditioner Review

Monday 17 September 2018

I was kindly gifted this fabulous duo by SBC a couple of months ago. I have adored SBC for years, I trust their products 100%, and some of their products are firm favourites of mine. I have adored their propolis skincare gel for years, I first discovered it on QVC a couple of years ago, and ever since my first purchase I have re-purchased it countless times. Their propolis skincare gel has helped soothe my skin in the summer, when I have hormonal breakouts, and when I need a little extra hydration. As you can imagine, when I was asked to try out this fabulous new duo, I was absolutely ecstatic and so intrigued too...

With a distinctive smell, of which I absolutely adore, and plenty of soothing properties, this amazing duo is a winner in my books. The shampoo cares for your scalp, and the conditioner adds moisture and protection. This duo is delightful, and I rate it an awful lot, because in the time I have been using it, it has worked wonders on my hair. And if I ever use a different brand in between, I can sure as hell notice that my hair doesn't feel as soft, silky, or look as volumized. 

In the past I have had trouble with my scalp (dandruff, dry scalp, and itchy scalp), so this duo has really cared for my scalp to ensure that it hasn't had a 'flare-up', especially seeing as it has been so extremely hot recently. As soon as you start to lather the shampoo up, it begins to work, in an instant my scalp feels much more soothed and calm. 

Some people aren't overly keen on the fragrance of this duo, but personally I am obsessed, as it's so fragrant and warm – it soothes my senses as well as my scalp!

If you're looking for a luxe haircare duo, this duo is for you. It's luxurious, opulent, and super caring too! I really adore the entire propolis range from SBC, and I totally recommend it to anybody who wants hair or skin care with lots of caring, nurturing, and comforting properties.



  1. These sound absolutely fab! I too suffer from itchy, dry scalp!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. It's an amazing duo, I definitely recommend them both. Especially if you have some of the same issues as me! Thank you so much for reading my love xxxx


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