Come rain or shine | Three key pieces to see you through the seasons

Thursday 6 September 2018

I adore transitional fashion – fashion that can be worn throughout the seasons, with a little tweaking here and there to allow for the unpredictable British weather. From trench coats to leather loafers, there's an array of beautiful pieces that can see you through the seasons, while keeping you looking classy and chic with very little effort.

Autumn is on its way, and I for one am incredibly excited. I adore autumn – the colours, the nature, the fashion, and the overall aesthetics and atmosphere too. It's a season that fashion can be expressed fully, as the weather isn't too warm, nor too cold – it's perfect trench weather if you ask me!

As autumn is nearing, and summer is slowly fading away, I thought that this blog post was needed. So without further ado, here's my top styling tips for autumn, alongside three pieces that you need in your wardrobe.

1. The Classic Trench Coat

When autumn approaches, my trench coat makes it's first appearance since spring. I adore wearing a trench – it's the most classic item of clothing a girl can wear, and the most versatile too! Perfect for autumn, winter, and spring – the classic (and extremely trusty) trench can we worn with just about anything. Team your trench with an a-line skirt, tea dress, cigarette pants, or jeans and a tee, and instantly your outfit has been given the ultimate upgrade! This stunning trench from Marks and Spencer is a DREAM!! I'm a big lover of Marks and Spencer's trench coats – they've got their Stormwear protection (M&S' water repellent technology, which is perfect for British rain), and they always fit like a glove. This trench coat is the Marks and Spencer Autograph Trench Coat with Silk, it retails at £149 and is an opulent staple piece that will see you through many years (and even more seasons). With tortoiseshell detailing, and a long length, this trench coat is a must-have for any classy lady's wardrobe!

2. The Smart/Casual Loafers

When summer starts to disappear, and the sandals start to creep back into their shoe boxes, it's time to whip out the loafers! I'm a huge fan of loafers, as they complete any outfit while ensuring it looks classic and clean cut. You'll usually always find me sporting a black pair of loafers, but I wanted to up my game this year. These taupe loafers are now my new favourites – they match any classic trench perfectly, and they add a real sophisticated edge to any (and every) outfit! With the gold ring detail, taupe leather, and black sole – these Leather Ring Detail Loafers retail at £65, and are a real show stopping accessory that you'll be wearing over and over again.

Comfortable, chic, with a smart/casual twist, these loafers are the perfect addition to your wardrobe as they are perfect for events, the office, shopping trips, coffee with the girls, or an important meeting – I love how chic these shoes are, the brushed gold hardware, the neat stitching, the cute heel, everything about these shoes is perfection!

3. The Versatile Bucket Bag

Having a handbag that can see you throughout the seasons is a real must-have in my eyes. It can be difficult to keep matching up your outfit with a handbag as we want all aspects to team seamlessly with it: the shoes, jacket, accessories etc... So when there's a handbag that has black, tan, and a neutral cream – it's a winner in my books! The Faux Leather Cross Body Bag has a gorgeous woven design, which is both unique, and super on trend. The colour palette ensures that this bag can be worn with a large array of outfits, colours, and accessories – something which I highly value (and look for) when investing in a handbag.

This bag is roomy enough for your day-to-day essentials, and makes the perfect accessory to add to most outfits. The detailing is bold yet understated, and incredibly perfect as we move into autumn, as the tan/rust hue is perfect for that time of the year. I also LOVE how this bag can be worn as a cross body bag, shoulder bag, or handbag – it really is a super versatile bag, and something I rate an awful lot.

What are your key transitional pieces? Do you have an item of clothing that sees you through every season effortlessly? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. The trench coat is such a classic item that everyone needs

    Candice | Natalya Amour

    1. Yes!! I agree!! Thank you so much for reading my love xxxx

  2. Ahh your photos are beautiful!! Love these, I think trench coats are always such a neat asset!! Ive personally never owned one though so definitely need to go shopping!! Your bag is so pretty too, love it!! xx

    1. Oh wow! Thank you SO much!!! You need a trench, they're so versatile!! Thank you so much for reading my love xxxx

  3. Thank you so much for reading my love xxxx

  4. When autumn rears its head, I usually pull out my combat boots and my bomber jackets to be honest. In Minnesota, a single autumn day can swing wildly from cold enough to frost the ground to nice enough to chill outside after work....I usually have a scarf with me too.

    On The Cusp |


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