New project: Knitted Patchwork Blankets

Friday 21 September 2018

Creating things runs in my family, and I'm a sucker for anything creative. Recently I started knitting, and I'm absolutely in love with my new hobby. Knitting has really helped me with my anxiety, as I think it's a release, and an amazing outlet in which I can concentrate on something else other than worrying. In today's post, I shall be talking about my fairly new project... two gorgeous knitted patchwork blankets.

My mum was sorting out some old bits of wool (from my pom-pom earring phase back in 2015/16), and she was about to give the balls of wool to charity. I stopped her and said I'd like to re-learn to knit (my nan taught me when I was very young, but I lost the skill along the years). So my mum taught me one of the most basic stitches to begin with – the garter stitch. It took a little while to get the hang of it, but I was soon watching the telly while knitting and not even looking down at my needles. I then watched some tutorials on YouTube and learnt how to do the raspberry (trinity) stitch, and my mum learnt how to do the seed stitch. We can also both now do the purl, ribbed and plain stitches. 

So, I started off knitting my cat a blanket with the garter stitch, and then we thought about knitting loads of different squares and then stitching them all together to make a huge patchwork blankets, and then because my mum and I like to be matching, we decided to do two huge knitted patchwork blankets. And that's how our idea was born...

We then learnt all of the stitches mentioned earlier, and now we're making two huge 10 squares by 10 squares blankets, that comprise of all different wools (mainly chunky and super chunky), all different stitches, and all different colours – it's going to look super funky, and SO unique. I'm seriously so excited to get these done, hopefully before autumn, so that we can snuggle! Also, because my cat Carnaby cannot be left out, any bits of wool we have left over from a ball of wool, are knitted into tiny little squares for his very own mini patchwork blanket!!!

I've used an array of all different types of wool, from all different retailers. From old wool we had stored away, to wool I picked up in random shops, local haberdashers, C&H, and Hobbycraft (my favourite crafting retailer ever – I could go bankrupt in that shop... no joke).

Some of my favourite wools would have to be the Knitcraft Chunky Funky Yarn, Bernat Blanket Yarn, and Knitcraft Chunky Hug It Out Yarn. Super easy to knit with, perfect for beginners, and such beautiful colours and combinations too. The Chunky Funky yarn from Knitcraft is SO beautiful, and the gorgeous red shade is soooo autumnal, which makes me long for my favourite season even more than I already am! I am also obsessed with the Bernat Sailor's Delight Home Blanket Yarn, as it's SO easy to knit with, and knits up beautifully too. I also LOVE the ombre effect it has, and when knitted with a seed stitch or trinity stitch, it looks exquisite!

I cannot wait to get these finished, as they're SO beautiful, and super perfect for the cooler months that we are due. For me, knitting isn't a 'granny hobby', instead it's a fun craft that I love to partake in. Do you like knitting? Let me know below.

I cannot wait to update you on this fabulous project! It's so exciting, and they're going to look marvellous. I'll be sure to update you all very soon!


  1. Yesss!! I started knitting a couple of months ago myself and it's helped me so much with anxiety. It's so calming :)


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