Fashion | House of Holland's 10th Anniversary + SS17 Collection @ LFW

Tuesday 20 September 2016

House of Holland's first London Fashion Week appearance was 10 years ago - which is insane!! - so to celebrate this special milestone, they have designed the most dreamy collection imaginable alongside some of the most funky and iconic fashion groupie t-shirts that are just so 2006..

2006 was the first time we saw Henry Holland's brand 'House of Holland' take to the London Fashion Week Catwalk with a collection of rhyming slogan t-shirts. I simply cannot believe I was 9 when House of Holland shot to fame with their fabulously bold tees! Some of the famous rhyming slogans splashed across his tees were 'Get Yer Freak On Giles Deacon' and 'Flick Yer Bean For Agnyness Deyn' - crazy, wacky and everybody wanted one. These t-shirts ensured House of Holland became as big has it has become and those in the fashion world (including myself) are so chuffed they're back. This time the slogan t-shirts feature quotes such as 'Let's Breed Bella Hadid', 'Kendall Jenner, I'm Yours For A Tenner' and 'Let's Get Obscene Cara Delevinge' - genius, right!? I need them. ASAP. There's a grand total of 22 10th anniversary edition t-shirts by House of Holland and they feature some of fashion and social media's biggest influencers. Shop these fabulous and sassy slogan tees here.

Not only did this SS17 collection feature a whole host of bold fashion groupie themed slogan tees, but there was frills, gingham and oversized sequins galore! Some of my favourite pieces included the bubblegum pink oversized sequin two piece, the lilac gingham frilled dress, the orange gingham jacket and of course the oversized slogan tees. This Spring/Summer 2017 collection by House of Holland was truly perfect for the anniversary of the brand's first appearance and launch at London Fashion Week which was an entire decade ago.

The oversized sequins on this daring and sassy two piece really add glamour. In the most gorgeous bubble gum pink hue, this two piece looks great teamed with the fabulous blue and orange gingham shoes. I'd love to see these oversized sequins on an oversized sweatshirt - how sports luxe chic would that be?? Super dreamy!

Purple Gingham and frills? The perfect combo in my eyes. This outfit is SO London Fashion Week. The moment I saw this ensemble I instantly thought of the lovely Daisy from Pie&Fash - this is something I could definitely see her rocking at London Fashion Week in February. She always rocks a gorgeous garment that turns heads, stands out from the crowd and looks bloody gorgeous on her fab figure, so maybe this could be it?

I adore this ensemble. The mish-mash of prints really bring this outfit to life. I adore the orange gingham coat as it's something I would wear, 100%. It's bold, it's bright and it gives off a good vibe.

What do you think of the provocative slogan tee's commemorating the 10th anniversary of House of Holland? I personally think they're super clever and daring. Would you be daring enough to wear one of them? 


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