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Tuesday 13 September 2016

If you've been reading my blog for as long as I have been blogging on here (almost three years), you'll know that my main passion in life, other than writing of course, is fashion. Fashion is something I live and breathe. Fashion is the area of work I want and long to get into. Fashion is something that is an outlet to many people that allows them to be creative and unique. I have many idols within the fashion industry and I have decided to start sharing my idols with you...

Today I'd like to talk to you about Grace Coddington - former model, Junior Editor for British Vogue and Creative Director for U.S. Vogue. Coddington stepped down form her position at U.S. Vogue earlier this year in January of 2016, she is now said to be working at Tiffany's at the age of 75.

Grace Coddington was born in April 1941, she grew up in Wales, England. She gained an interest in fashion whilst she was a teenager; she would read British Vogue while lusting over the designer outfits as she didn't live near any designer stores. Coddington would order Vogue on "rush-copy" and it would usually be 3 months out-of-date when she finally received it. When Coddington was 17, Vogue hosted a modelling competition which her friends entered her in to by sending some photographs of her into Vogue - she then went on to win this competition and this is what kick-started Coddington's career in fashion. Her modelling career sadly came to a halt when Coddington was 26 years of age due to her being in a car accident and suffering head injuries and her losing her eyelid, which was later reconstructed. Two years after the car accident, Grace Coddington then received a job offer at British Vogue as Junior Editor which she carried out for 19 years before moving to New York, America to work for Calvin Klein. Coddington's most known and memorable role within the fashion industry came to light in 1988 - American Vogue's Creative Director. Grace Coddington started working at U.S. Vogue in the same year as Anna Wintour and they both worked alongside eachother for many years before Coddington announced she would be stepping down from her Vogue U.S. role to pursue other dreams and projects in January 2016.

Whilst working at American Vogue, Coddington worked on many editorial shoots for the magazine which became pieces of art, fashion history and some of the most memorable photographs in the fashion industry to this date. Known as one of the most influential fashion editors in the world, Coddington made fashion tell a story; a different story in every editorial shoot. Below are four photographs that have been styled by Grace Coddington. I personally adore these four images as I feel they represent what she is all about - telling a story, creating art and making fashion something that everybody can relate to.

Grace Coddington has also brought out various products; from Eau De Parfums, books, memoirs and a limited edition accessory line for Balenciaga. Coddington's perfume was brought out in collaboration with Comme Des Garçons  - the perfume bottle of 'Grace by Grace Coddington' features THE cutest cat shaped lid ever. Grace Coddington is obsessed with cats, just like myself, maybe that's why I can relate to her so much!? She also doodled the cats that feature all over her Balenciaga accessory line which also boasts of a bright orange hint to match her gorgeous flaming hair. Grace Coddington has brought out 4 books in total - The Catwalk Cats, Grace: A Memoir, Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue and finally, her most recent book which was only released this month (Fall 2016) - Grace: The American Vogue Years, which is a follow up to Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue. I NEED to get all three of these books as soon as possible, I feel they well and truly deserve a place on my bookshelf - they are very costly but totally worth it, I am sure!

Grace Coddington is a true idol of mine - she is determined, hard-working, truly talented, highly creative and a true Vogue icon. Not only had she styled fashion editorial pieces for Vogue in recent years, but she modelled for the front cover of Vogue many years ago. She doesn't give up either and that is what I love about her.. (oh yeah, did I mention she loves cats? and she has done my dream job!) She is a true idol and I idolise her very much. Grace Coddington's new book - which was only released this week! Coddington's new book - The American Vogue Years is the follow up to Thirty Years in Fashion at Vogue and they both retail at £125; alternatively you can purchase both books in a collection, namely the 'Grace Collection' for only £175 from Phaidon. I'd honestly love to purchase these someday as I'm sure they are true treasures within the fashion industry.

Do you admire Grace Coddington afer reading this article? Do you have any style icons or fashion industry idols? Let me know in the comments section below!

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