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Thursday 6 October 2016

My skin was going through a major rough patch last week; it needed a massive kick in the right direction. Covered in spots, uneven skin tone and super oily. I needed a miracle. And then I realised I was yet to try these two little gems by 'Good Things'...

My skin has always been unpredictable. One minute it will look flawless, radiant and glowy and then the next it will look like my skin has erupted, there'll be one hundred red angry spots covering the entirety of my face and then I'll just give up and cry. My skin has always been this way ever since I can remember. Spots have been the bane of my life and I'm sure you can relate in some way (unless you're one of those bloody flawless human beings whom has the most flawless skin known to man - If you are one of those gals, just FYI, I'm jealous of you!!).

So, for the last two weeks my skin has been terrible with a capital 'T' and I had had just about enough of it before realising these two gems were hiding away in my "I must try these and review them" box. When I found them, I could have cried - with happiness of course. So I wiped all of my makeup (plus tonnes of layered concealer) off of my face before going in with a splodge of the Pore-fectly Clear Charcoal Facial Wash and a touch of water. I rubbed this face wash into my skin really firmly in circular motions with lukewarm water, before washing off with a muslin cloth. My skin instantly felt revived and renewed, I was instantly impressed. I then went in with a little touch of the Pore-fectly Clear Charcoal Facial Scrub as my skin was super troublesome - I could feel it working right away - it felt as though my skin was being awoken and my pores were being deeply cleansed. The scents of these two products smell divine too, which really helps!

The Pore-fectly Clear Charcoal Facial Wash has active charcoal and caffeine which work on drawing out any impurities which are clogging up your pores, which means you'll have brighter, clearer and more radiant looking skin. The facial wash itself is a gel-like formula which is grey and has teeny, tiny particles of charcoal which get into the pores when rubbing in a circular motion and then come out with the impurities when you rinse your face - genius! The Pore-fectly Clear Charcoal Facial Scrub is very similar to the facial wash but is slightly more harsh and abrupt (in a good way, of course!) - I recommend using the facial wash as an everyday skincare product and the scrub as a once a week skincare product. Although harsher than the facial wash, this scrub is still super gentle and doesn't leave you with a red, sore face like some scrubs I have used in the past. The scrub is very intense, works incredibly well to cleanse your skin and ensures your pores are free from impurities, dirt and makeup. Both of these products retail at £4.99 from Boots.

After using these products for a fortnight (the wash twice per day and the scrub one or twice per week); my skin has improved drastically. My blackheads are less apparent, my spots have almost disappeared, when and if I do get a tiny pimple, it isn't red. My skin is less red overall and so much clearer in comparison to the other week!

I had never tried anything from 'Good Things' prior to trying out these products, but since I have seen incredible results from their 'Pore-fectly Clear' range; I definitely want to try more from them! They are so affordable and the results I have seen have amazed me!!

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  1. Oooh these look like they're worth buying! Sounded like you got some great results :) x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡


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