Beauty | Laura Geller 'Roman Holiday' Collection: First impressions and Review

Thursday 4 February 2016

Laura Geller, a world renowned makeup brand, which launched over 20 years ago. Laura Geller started off as a makeup artist with a passion for creating her own makeup brand. I recently received the Laura Geller 'Roman Holiday' full face of makeup kit and I kind of fell in love with it and I know feel the need to share this incredible makeup brand with you all, so keep on reading to see my first impressions on the brand - 'Laura Geller' PLUS what I thought of EACH and every product from her Roman Holiday collection!

The Laura Geller 'Roman Holiday' makeup collection came beautifully packaged in a classy box which flips open to reveal a whole host of goodies.

The box contains 8 incredible products that will give you a flawless face of makeup that will be long lasting, durable and versatile too. In this collection you get Laura's famous 'Balance 'n Glow' baked foundation, a universal brow gel pencil, a waterproof black eyeliner, an intense lengthening mascara, a trio palette of baked, highly pigmented eyeshadows, a creamy pinky nude lipstick, a liner which compliments the lipstick and a glossy pink lip gloss. This set also comes with a fabulous guide on where to apply the products, just in case you're not a professional at applying makeup.

Each product is to a sky high standard, they each apply well to the skin and leave flawless results, which is a must when using high-end professional products. Laura ensures that her baked products are all hand-crafted in Italy, so that the product is seamless as are the results when applied to your face. Baked makeup products start off as a cream formula which are then slowly baked to form a creamy, dreamy, pigmented dome of baked powder. The eyeshadows and Balance 'n Glow foundation are all silky and smooth when applied to the skin and leave the most flawless finish, which I personally adore.

The lipgloss is of an incredibly, silky/smooth texture. The applicator glides the formula on seamlessly and the pigment in this moisture adorning gloss is second to none. I adore the colour of this gorgeous gloss, it has tiny glimmers of glitter, the light reflects from the gloss so well, as gives the illusion of plumper more full lips. The shade of this gorgeous pink gloss is: Piazza Pink.

The mini trio of eyeshadows feature three highly pigmented, baked shadows. These three shades are so so perfect, especially when worn together. Baroque is a gorgeous base shadow shade, which adds a  subtle yet shimmery highlight to the entire lid. Cafe is then a fabulous shade to apply to the crease while Roma is perfect for the outer corners. This mini palette of three baked shadows, is perfect for Spring, as they create a subtle yet Spring-like look, that will brighten your eyes and leave them shimmering in the cool sun.

My first thoughts on the lipstick were a little dubious as I am girl who loves a bold lip, I'm not usually one for nude lips as I love my cherry reds and fuchsia pinks, but when I applied this creamy, pigmented formula to my lips accompanied by the lip liner, I was a nude lip convert! The pinky lipstick and liner create a nude/pink lip that is natural yet classic and leaves an impact instantly. This lipstick is my go-to lipstick from now on as red lips don't go with everything, now do they!? The lipstick shade is: Rouge Audrey. The lip liner shade is: Tulip.

The Balance 'n Glow baked foundation adds a really lovely glow and shimmer to the face, which I adore A LOT. I am definitely a highlight kind of girl, I adore the shimmery effect on the cheekbones and all over the face if I feel a little sparkly so this baked foundation is a dream! I have troublesome skin which breaks out often, eyelids that get oily and dry patches on my forehead so I don't tend to use this as a complete foundation, instead I will use it combined with my usual foundation - Bourjous' Healthy Mix Serum. I will then apply Laura's Balance 'n Glow with a rounded flat angle kabuki brush, all over my face for a healthy glow which gives me the most flawless finish - EVER! I use Laura's Balance 'n Glow in shade Fair.

The gel eyebrow pencil is THE BEST eyebrow pencil ever to have graced my light haired brows. As it's universal and can be used on any skin tone, hair colour or skin type, this pencil is a dream for all women. It glides on with ease and leaves the most gorgeous, natural brow shape in place which doesn't look harsh, bold or overpower the face. This brow pencil is my new holy grail.

The I-Care waterproof eyeliner in Black is equally as amazing. This requires no sharpening too! It comes complete with a handy smudging tool on the other end which is a great addition. The eyeliner itself is VERY pigmented and glides on super smoothly. I would 100% choose this eyeliner over any other liner I've ever used. 

The StyleLASH Intense Lengthening Mascara is one of my most favourite mascaras ever. Although the packaging isn't the most glamorous mascara packaging out there, it's what is inside that really matters and this gorgeous mascara is a wonder product. This mascara lengthens my lashes and prevents clumping and flaking too. The wand is super slim and fine, so there are NEVER any clumps whatsoever!! I highly recommend this mascara.

All of the products from this set are incredible. I adore each and every product in this post as they are all of an incredible high quality, the results you can achieve with each product is amazing and the value for money is fabulous. Laura Geller wasn't a brand I knew too much about two years ago, but now, Laura Geller will always have a place in my makeup bag(s)! This collection is still available from QVCUK, simply click here to be redirected to QVCUK and to view the product. I highly recommend this collection and every product within it, whether you want to buy separately or as a collection, the Laura Geller brand is an incredible and high quality brand for any makeup and beauty lover.

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