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Tuesday 9 February 2016

Looking for that perfect red lip this Valentine's Day? Well, look no further. In this blog post I shall be letting you all know my top 5 red lipsticks, especially for this very special Valentine's season in 2016. I'll let you know what's good and what's bad about all 5 of these bright red beautiful lippies..

As you are all probably well aware, I am a lipstick lover. I adore wearing lipstick and not a day has gone by since September 2014 that I haven't been seen out in public without lipstick. I especially love red lipstick, why? It's classic, classy and a sign of femininity. I adore wearing a bold red lip. It makes me feel empowered and strong, not to mention confident. It can be argued that red lipstick isn't for everybody but I disagree. I believe that as long as you're 16 or over, red lips can look classic, classy and highly beautiful. Any age group, skin tone, face shape or lip shape is suited to a bold red lip, trust me.

Clinique Colour Pop in  'Cherry Pop'

RRP £16.00

This gorgeous and highly pigmented cherry red lipstick by Clinique, in the shade 'Cherry Pop', has an added primer within the solid stick formula, which means that this lipstick will stay throughout the entire day with the rare need to touch up, which is an added bonus if you're going to be out all day. The lipstick has a very smooth and silky application. The formula glides on like silk and caresses your lips without feeling heavy and thick. My only con with this product is the fact that it slightly stains your lips when removed. It leaves this magenta stain which is unattractive but with a little more pressure with your makeup wipe it does disappear. Such a small con compared to all of the pros. I highly recommend this lipstick to everyone, especially as a first (red) lipstick!

L'Oréal Colour Riche in 'Red Passion'

RRP £6.99
This lipstick is just a general red lipstick but definitely a staple lippy for all of us girls. With a slight glittery pigment, this red lippy looks incredible on any skin tone out there. The sleek casing is classic yet simple and the solid lipstick itself is classic too. For a lipstick that doesn't state it is 'long-lasting', this lipstick does a pretty good job of being a long-lasting lippy. With a rich pigment and easy application, this lipstick is a winner, especially if you're not looking to break the bank but still in need of getting incredible results!

KIKO Unlimited Stylo in '06 Poppy Red'

RRP £6.90
One of my all time favourite lipsticks! Highly pigmented and absolutely gorgeous! Glides on evenly with just one swipe, no need to layer with this silky, long-lasting and high pigmented lipstick! The packaging is super sleek and the lipstick is 100% better than the way it looks. The shade, Poppy Red, is the most pigmented and long lasting solid liquid I have ever come across before. I highly recommend this lipstick to any lover of red lippies.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 'Hot Pepper'

RRP £8.99
A smooth and matte liquid lipstick that feels like velvet and lasts for hours! This gorgeous lippy from Bourjois is such a gorgeous shade of red: 'Hot Pepper'. The liquid lipstick itself is velvety smooth and glides on super easily with the specially formed applicator. The lipstick isn't sticky, drippy or messy and doesn't smudge throughout the day either, which is great! 

L'Oréal 24H Infallible Lipstick in 'Red Infallible'

RRP £9.99
They say to save the best until last and well, this lipstick is by far my most favourite.. EVER. I adore this lipstick so much. It lasts ALL day. Yes, you heard right - ALL DAY! It doesn't move, smudge, transfer or peel - THIS LIPSTICK IS KISS PROOF!! You simply swipe on the colour and then apply the clear balm (included) on top, which will seal in the lipstick, therefore prevents any kind of smudging. I TOTALLY recommend this liquid lipstick to EVERYONE! They do a variety of colour shades, so if a bold red lip just isn't for you, then there will definitely be something for you, trust me.


Swatches: top to bottom; Bourjois 'Hot Pepper, L'Oréal 'Red Infallible', Clinique 'Cherry Pop', L'Oréal 'Red Passion' and Kiko 'Poppy Red'


Every single lipstick from this post is highly recommended and loved by me. There's not one of these five lippies that I dislike, therefore whichever you decide to purchase will be exactly how I have stated. This post is completely honest and I am hoping that you've found your true red lipstick that you'll love forever and ever. Each lipstick has different qualities, so it just depends on what you are looking for. 

Let me know what your favourite every red lipstick is in the comments below and also let me know if this post has inspired you to purchase one from the above list. Happy Valentine's!

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