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Sunday 15 March 2015

The lovely people at Makeup Revolution London sent me the most amazing parcel full of some of their best selling products! I was so so happy to receive this little package full of goodies! The package contained: Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in the shade 'Paparazzi', Lip Lava in the shade 'Tremor', their brand new 'Black Velvet' Eyeshadow Palette and their Iconic Contour Kit in Ultra Fair.

Like any other girl I rushed into my bedroom, removed any makeup that I was wearing at the time and tried it all out before photographing and writing this. I was so impressed with every single product! I'm not just saying that their products were amazing because I was sent these to review. All opinions on TPOMQ are my own and aren't influenced by anything or anyone. These products are genuinely amazing and I totally recommend them to all of you wonderful people! Keep reading to hear and see more!

I heart makeup 'Black Velvet' eyeshadow palette

The only three mesmerising metallics from 'Black Velvet'
The I heart makeup 'Black Velvet' eyeshadow Palette: Complete with 3 mesmerising metallics and 13 elegant mattes - that's a total of 16 elegant and stunning eyeshadow shades for just £7.99! The three metallic shades are highly pigmented and perfect for a transitional day-to-night eye look. The mattes are perfect for everyday wear and the colours featured in this amazing Black Velvet inspired palette are incredibly versatile and neutral with a hint of drama!

Contour Kit: This palette contains everything you need to sculpt and contour your face. A highlighter to add light to your cupids bow, forehead, nose and cheeks, a bronze/brown shade to contour and add shadowing your cheek bones, jaw line and nose and a pinky blush to add a youthful appearance to your finished face. Affordable and versatile, you will find yourself using this contouring kit everyday! I love it!

Top: Makeup Revolution, Bottom: Sleek
First 3 shades: Makeup Revolution, Last three: Sleek
The Makeup Revolution contour kit is a perfect dupe for Sleek's contour kit! I have been using Sleek's contouring face form kit almost everyday for about a year and I love it but since receiving Makeup Revolutions' contouring kit, swatching it and trying it out, I prefer it much more! The blush isn't full of glitter which is a plus for me as I think that if you want a glittery complexion you can just use the highlighter included. The blush is also a prettier pink so it's perfect for every season, especially spring! Other than the difference with the blush pretty much everything else is almost identical to Sleek's face form contour kit palette. So for a few pounds cheaper, Makeup Revolution's contour kit is a must, especially if you are like me and like your blush to be pure pigment and not full of glitter.

Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in the shade 'Paparazzi': A vivid pink, long-lasting gloss/lacquer that is highly pigmented and silky smooth. This hot pink lip lacquer adds a pop of colour to any outfit and doesn't dry out your lips either!

I heart makeup Lip Lava in the shade 'Tremor': A long-lasting pinky nude that compliments any skin tone and any outfit. Packed full of vitamin E this easy to wear melted lipstick is pigmented well but still remains neutral. Perfect for Spring!


The Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in 'Paparazzi' is an amazing dupe for my much loved Too Faced Melted Fuchsia, Melted Lipstick. Although it's a touch glossier, it's a no brainer! More affordable, a higher shine and a more accurate applicator makes The Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer a steal!

The I heart makeup Lip Lava in 'Tremor' is a dead ringer for yet another Too Faced product. This time Makeup Revolution's Lip Lava in 'Tremor' is a dupe for Melted Peony by Too Faced.

Overall I believe that the quality of Makeup Revolution's makeup is to a high standard and is actually better than some of the brands of makeup that I was using before hand! The price is affordable for anyones budget and the pigmentation is perfect and in some cases even better than high end cosmetic brands. 

Makeup Revolution is available in selected Superdrug stores, Superdrug online and from Makeup Revolution's official online store. I highly recommend all of the products featured above. Each product is perfect for SS15 and if you're thinking about trying out any of the above please, please, please try them out!

Keep your eye on my YouTube Channel because over the next few weeks (when my room has been re-decorated) I shall be doing a Makeup Revolution tutorial and haul!!

Do you own anything from Makeup Revolution? If so what? Let me know down below in the comments box!


  1. You're so lucky have been sent this! Make up Revolution is seriously AMAZING!The prices are great and that eyeshadow palette looks amazing. x x

    1. Thank you! I feel very lucky hehe!! The palette is amazing, keep an eye on my YouTube channel for new and upcoming tutorials. My room has been redecorated so I shall be YouTubing and Vlogging again very soon! xx

  2. I'm confused... Is I heart make up and make up revolution the same thing?? Love this post, those lip lavas look so good! ill be picking some of those up next time im in superdrug!


    1. Hey Leoni, yes, they are. It's just a collection they have within Makeup Revolution if that makes sense!? They're lip lavas and lacquers are fabulous, you should totally try them out! xx

  3. You're so lucky to have been sent these! I love your blog, I read your posts on Bloglovin' all the time, but this is the first time I've viewed it on the web, and fair to say, I slightly envy your layout! These eyeshadow colours are super pigmented and pretty. A brand I am yet to try, I know, shocking from a beauty blogger, right?! Now I feel the urge to go buy these products! x

    Jasmine ||

    1. Thank you so much Jasmine, I am so glad that you enjoy my blog. Your blog is great too. Thank you for the support on here, Bloglovin' and Twitter! It means so much to me! xx


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