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Thursday 12 March 2015

I have always heard really good things about bareMinerals Makeup and when my mum said she would buy me the 'Everyday Flawless' set I was so pleased and excited to try their best-selling products! I received the set and like any other girl I rushed into my bedroom to try it out. I didn't think in a million years that I would be disappointed with the results.
I applied the products as instructed and overall I was highly disappointed. Not only were the brushes very poor quality and left my face covered in bristles, but the products themselves were very mediocre. I expected to have flawless skin that looked natural and airbrushed, instead my skin looked blotchy and uneven. I purchased this set in the correct shade for my skin tone so I have no idea why my skin looked as bad as it did whilst using these products. 

The hype really didn't live up to my expectations and I was highly disappointed. The blush palette left my cheeks looking red instead of a plush pink and the concealer, fountain and mineral veil left my skin looking uneven and dirty. The lipstick however was divine and I highly recommend purchasing that.

I was so excited about trying this collection of their best selling products and due to my disappointment I returned the set back to QVC where I purchased it from and received a full refund. I was looking forward to featuring these products in many tutorials on my YouTube channel but instead you'll have to settle for a bad review. I am so sorry!

If these products work for you, that's fabulous and I am so pleased that you're happy with the results that you get, but personally I will be sticking with my all time favourite foundation by Tarte - my 'Amazonian Clay 24hr Foundation' also from QVC. 

Sorry for such a negative post but as it states in my Disclaimer, I will always share my honest opinions with my readers because I like TPOMQ to be a balanced and open-minded place where you can all come to hear my honest opinions.

Have you tried any bareMinerals Makeup? What are your thoughts? Please share your experiences with me in the comments box below!


  1. Thanks for your honest review, I've always fancied trying Bare Minerals but think I'll stick to Chanel after reading this review!

  2. Hi Mollie,
    thank you for the review and your honesty. Well that doesn't sound too good :(

  3. I use their matte mineral foundation and it works well for me, though I have tried Lily Lolo who are a cheaper brand and I think they're slightly better. I completely agree with you about their brushes, I had a starter kit last year and it came with three brushes and the concealer brush is the worst. The bristles are constantly coming out, which isn't great if you're using it near yours eyes.


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