Beauty | Lush Easter Collection 2015

Tuesday 3 March 2015

YAY! Lush's 2015 Easter Collection has finally hit the shops! (It doesn't seem that long ago since I was purchasing my Christmas 2014 goodies..) This collection is super pretty full of bright and vivid colours along with the dreamiest fragrances and skin soothing oils. Their updated Easter range for 2015 will leave your skin feeling delightful whilst your senses are awoken.

I absoutley adore Lush's products as they are so visually beautiful as well as being beautiful in many other ways. Not only are they fresh and handmade but they don't test on animals, which I think is incredible! 

Here's a little bit about the Easter products themselves:

Bunch of Carrots - A personal favourite of mine, 'Bunch of Carrots' is absolutely gorgeous. A trio of vivid orange carrots tied to some green straw. The Bubble Bar trio itself smells gorgeous, I can smell the grapefruit and lemon strongly, the overall scent is punchy and citrusy! I can't wait to try this one out!

Price: £5.95
Immaculate Eggception - Vividly pink yet full of citrusy tones. This Easter delight also hides a cute little surprise, what will you get? A Bunny or a Chick? This Bath Bomb will have you jumping or chirping for joy! I wonder what's inside mine!?

Price: £6.95

(Click here to purchase 'Immaculate Eggception' from their online store)

Fluffy Egg - Pretty, pink and smells of candy floss? Yes please! This almost luminous pink Bath Bomb will leave you reminiscing back to Christmas a few months ago. Why? It smells exactly like their Snow Fairy shower gel! Head over to your nearest Lush store and pick up this sweet smelling egg that's far better than any chocolate egg.. and guess what? No calories! Win win!

Price: £2.95

(Click here to purchase 'Fluffy Egg' from their online store)

Hoppity Poppity - A herbal Bath Bomb with an added treat! Popping Candy in a Bath Bomb? YES, you did hear that right!! A gorgeous scent with bubbles to relax and sooth you. 

Rose - Okay, this one isn't from their Easter 2015 range but my local Lush store here in Eastbourne decided to position these on the Easter table. It's a nice addition to my lovely Easter collection anyway! This Bubble Bar will fill your tub with bubbles galore and leave your skin smooth, soft and scented with a gorgeous subtle Turkish Rose scent!

Golden Egg - Glittery and scented of honey and toffee, this Bath Bomb is the perfect substitute to chocolate egg this Easter. With smoothing cocoa butter this bubbling bomb will have your legs feeling silky in no time!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Refreshing, uplifting and Mandarin scented. This colourful soap will leave your skin lightly scented and your mind relaxed!

Price: From £4.25

(Click here to purchase 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' from their online store)

Storing your Lush products on a cute little cake stand and then placing the display in your bathroom, adds a really cute and chic look to any dull bathroom. The smell it gives off is also divine!!

Will you be picking up any of these gorgeous bits from your local Lush shop? What's your favourite? 


  1. This Lush Easter collection is so cute!:)

  2. I want the golden egg!

  3. I am a blogger from Slovakia and i love your style !!
    U have a really nice blog !!


  4. This collection looks so nice. I really want to try the glitter egg but we don't have a lush shop in my country

    Sarah |


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