Saturday 6 December 2014

For about 4 years now, my mum has been an avid buyer/collector of Yankee Candles and last year, she finally converted me into a Yankee Addict too...

We tune into every single QVC airing of the Yankee Candle showcases and we try and collect as many as we can possible. Yankee Candle's at Christmas are the best! Why? Because their fragrances are so true to life and incredibly fulfilling. 

All year round we burn Yankee Candles becuase they bring your entire apartment/house to life! There is a Yankee Candle for EVERY occasion, mood, emotion, feeling, day, room etc... there is literally one for everything! 

This year we invested in 8 more festive candles to add to our overall Yankee collection of about 50 large jars. My personal favourite in this mini haul would be Peppermint Bark as it smells absolutely delicious! Think of mints, candy canes and mint chocolate thins. We are still yet to burn this one... I cannot wait! 

Remember, when you're burning your Yankee Candles (Large Jars) burn them for a minimum of three hours or until the wax has melted and pooled across right to the edge, all of the way around. Also remember to trim your wick, extinguish properly and keep away from draughty areas as this will prevent a clean burn and may promote tunnelling! 

What's your favourite Yankee Candle fragrance and why?

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