Thursday 11 December 2014

Jeremy Scott, head designer and creative director for clothing brand - Moschino, is one of my saviours. He is classic, edgy and incredibly clever. Some may argue that he has ruined the fashion industry but I couldn't disagree more...

I believe that he has revived it. Teaming bright colours with well known phrases and famous characters and brands, Scott has revitalised the fashion industry by making it 'fun' again. I agree with his ethics because for many years now, fashion has been quite serious, so his fresh and fun take on fashion as spiked many peoples interest in fashion again.

Barbie doll's have been in the press quite recently and sociologists believe that Barbie's socialise girls from a young age to conform to the dolls norms and values eg. stick thin, bleach blonde hair and perfect skin. I am far from all three of those things and it doesn't bother me whatsoever, so I haven't quite made my mind up on the sociological argument yet, although, Jeremy Scott seems to be promoting the idealistic of looking like a Barbie doll by filling his Instagram feed with photographs of Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus and many other blonde beauties wearing his new collection. I LOVE his new collection ALOT and I think it has impacted the fashion world greatly but for the wrong reasons? I'm not quite sure.

If I'm being honest I would love to see him post a photograph of someone completely opposite to a Barbie doll wearing his new collection, maybe slightly less fortunate looking, no surgery, a bit of acne and not stick thin, but still a natural beauty. Girls my age and younger look up to Jeremy Scott and I do believe that by him promoting flawless females looking incredible in his new SS15 capsule collection, this could lead some girls to thinking if they don't look like that, they will never fit in.

On the other hand, his new collection has been a massive hit with fashion bloggers all over the world and celebrities alike. If only I could afford a garment from his new collection! I'm especially lusting over the pink long sleeve jumper!

Jeremy, I still love you, so please carry on with the fashion history you're making, but maybe promote natural beauty a bit more, so us real girls have a chance...

 I just wanted to write this article to let young girls know that you don't have to look like a Barbie Doll to do what you want in life. Be who you are and just remember, 'It's Very Expensive Being MOSCHINO'!!! ;)


  1. Haha love this collection very strange but funny ha xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  2. I sooo love this collection, hot pink!!

  3. I quite like the look of the collection but like you, I would like to see him promote people who don't just look like Barbie. I get that it's the whole point of the collection, but it's not exactly helping people's body image.


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