Thursday 24 April 2014

Last week me and my mum found an old plant pot holder at the side of the road. It was rusty, unloved and looked like it needed a home. Me and my mum have always had an interest in upcycling furniture and have done it countless times before, because the results are so fulfilling. Upcycling is so easy to do and very fun too, it doesn't involve much thought and doesn't cost the earth either.

All you need to restore an old, shabby piece of furniture is:

  • Small/Medium Pot of Gloss Paint (in your desired colour)
  • 1 Paintbrush
  • Black Bags/Dust Sheet
  • A Piece of Old Furniture

It took me and my mum about 2 days of interval painting to complete this, it could have probably been done in one day if it wasn't so rusty because there was so many nooks and crannies that needed to be covered.

My wardrobe, bedside table and desk are all upcycled, soon I will be doing a room tour and I will show you all what we have achieved. Upcycling can really brighten up a room!

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  1. It looks amazing what a great upcycle! Would love to see a room tour :) xxx


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