Saturday 26 April 2014

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Lush products! I used to live in Poole where they hand made all of the products. I lived next door to the original Lush shop too, I loved it! Lush never fails to let me down, any product I buy from there fills me with joy and makes me smell gorgeous. They don't test on Animals either so that makes their products 100 times more irresistible.

I recently used my all time favourite Bath Bomb which is the fabulous 'Sex Bomb' it smells gorgeous and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and re-hydrated. It is truly a godsend when your skin is in need of some TLC.

I recommend this if you haven't tried it before because it is relaxing, moisturising and a beautiful pinky colour! Once you try one Lush product you will most likely be addicted because every product is amazing and you can tell that love and thought has been put into every single thing they sell.

My Lush Haul will be on here very soon, featuring all of my favourite products!


  1. Thats my favourite bath bomb by Lush :)
    I love reading your blog so i have nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award!
    if you do decide to complete the tag then do let me know as id love to read your responces!
    you can check the award out here on my page:
    x x x

    1. Oh my gosh thank you so much! That has made my day! Thanks :) I shall complete the tag now! I love your blog by the way x


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