Saturday 4 January 2014

Hello everyone!

Today after my MRI scan (I have gallstones so I had to have a scan before they can operate, long story but oh well) I purchased some new makeup items, such as this fabulous MUA Eyeshadow palette! It is so lovely and good value for money too. The colours are blend-able and versatile, these colours will compliment absolutely anything and everything you choose to wear. The only downside is the eyeshadow sponge, it isn't very good quality, right now I am using a Clinique soft angled brush and RealTechniques detailing brush. I would give this product 9/10, simply because £4 is a very decent price to pay for such a high quality palette, even though the sponge isn't fabulous.

Superdrug // MUA // Heaven and Earth // Eyeshadow Palette // £4

If you have any left over xmas money or you simply just need or want to try a new eyeshadow palette, this one is perfect as it is not expensive and really good/brilliant quality for the price. (Just invest in a good set of brushes too)

Hope you are all well... please comment with any products you want me to review etc....

many thanks for reading,
lots of love...

Mollie Quirk
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