Thursday 16 January 2014

Hello everyone,

This post is dedicated to everyone crafty, creative or if you just wanna try something new.

If you use Yankee Candles and once you have finished with them you throw away the jar, STOP! You are throwing away a lovely piece of art, you can turn these glass jars into sweet little storage pots and they look delightful on a windowsill, ledge or shelf.

Here is how you transform plain glass jars into cute storage pots...

1. Once you have finished using your Yankee Candle glass jar, scrape out the remaining wax and wick, try and peel of the sticker (optional) and then if you have a dishwasher put it in there, but if not simple wash and scrub it until it is gleaming and shiny.

2. Use some pretty craft paper that has a cute pattern or design and then write in a metallic (or your favourite colour) permanent pen, what you want it to say, I usually use them for; Cotton Buds, Money, Scrunchies or Cotton Wool Balls. Once you have written your desired words, cut it out carefully to size and Sellotape onto your clean, shiny jar.

3. I usually finish it the effect with a cute ribbon and 3D sicker, But the jar is yours and you probably have lots more ideas. Haha!

4. Tah-dah! A beautiful and cute storage pot that is so versatile and looks amazing.

If that is not your cup of tea... try this little idea....

Everyone has a sweet little tea cup and saucer lying around (Shhh... even if it is your nan's! Or if not simply get one from a charity/thrift shop for about £3, that's what I did!) I use mine to burn a candle (it must be in a glass holder though or your dainty cup will be ruined!!!) and then on the saucer I store my jewellery! It looks amazing sitting on a shelf or desk and adds that vintage feel to any room!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I Hope you enjoyed it!

Love and Hugs,

Mollie Quirk, x x x x x x x x

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  1. These are such great storage ideas. I especially love the magical money one. Im gonna try it :)


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