Tuesday 3 November 2020

[Dress is a PR product]

Up until almost two years ago, I didn't think vintage dresses were for me. I longed to dress up in a vintage style, but I thought that because I was bigger the dresses wouldn't fit me, let alone suit me! 

I presumed that vintage dresses were all stiff and non-stretch. I presumed that they wouldn't cater to my size. I presumed that they weren't for me. But oh, how wrong was I...

In the spring of 2019, I discovered Collectif Clothing. They sent me their gorgeous Nia dress in the most beautiful green hue with a stunning horse print. I was weary at first, worried that the dress wouldn't look good on my curvy body, worried that it would be stiff and unforgiving. When the dress arrived, I realised that I was wrong. This dress was beautiful, it had a stretch within the material and it fitted me like a glove. 
Being bigger doesn't mean you have to sacrifice styles that you love – you can still embrace them to the max! Having curves and fat on your body doesn't mean you can't be fashionable and express yourself through fashion.

In the winter of 2019, I discovered Collectif's Caterina dress, read my full blog post about this style of dress here. From here on out, I have been besotted with this gorgeous dress. The style, the cut, the way it makes me feel. This dress is everything I ever wanted, longed for and needed. 

Dressing in a vintage style brings me so much joy – I feel it's a style that suits my personality perfectly. The great thing about your own personal style is that it can alter from day-to-day depending on your mood. When I'm feeling romantic and bold, the vintage style is my go-to look. I feel that the vintage look works so well with full busts and big bums – perfect for us curvy girls (and any woman of any shape or size who wants to rock a vintage style).

For an autumnal vintage look – brown and mustard hues are a must! I adore all things autumn, so I wanted to put together an outfit that was autumn in clothes form. I'm wearing the Collectif Mainline Caterina Fall Leaves Dress (PR product) in a UK size 18. It fits like a dream and looks stunning when paired wth matching accessories. I decided to pair this dream of a dress with a tights in a bright pop of mustard – these are the Mustard 80 Denier tights from Better (PR product) in size SEI. The tights combined with the dress is the most dreamy combination ever, ever, ever. Both the dress from Collectif and the tights from Better are incredibly size inclusive – the dress ranges from a UK 6 to 22, and the tights from a UK 4 to 36!

I decided to team this look with Orla Kiely X Clarks Dora Loafers, a vintage handbag and some vintage style sunglasses. 

My tips for vintage styling on a curveacous figure...

Find a dress that fits you like a glove. For me, the Caterina dress from Collectif is my holy grail vintage dress. The length, the material, the fit, the cut, the style – it's pure perfection. 

Don't wear anything that you don't feel bold and beautiful in. Only wear garments that fit properly, that make you feel confident and that make you feel as though you could conquer the world. There's no point in wearing something that makes you feel scruffy or something that is ill-fitting.

Don't let your weight or size or shape prevent you from embracing the fashion you want to wear. Wearing what YOU want will make you beam!

I adore this outfit so much, and dressing in a vintage style too! Everything about this outfit makes me happy. I am so glad I didn't let my size and weight stop me from embracing vintage fashion!

Have you ever let your weight or size prevent you from wearing anything? Let me know below!

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