Sunday 11 August 2019

Gratitude. Up until just over a year ago, I thought gratitude just meant saying thanks for things, mainly material things. It wasn't until I found spirituality and the law of attraction that I discovered that gratitude means more than just being thankful for material things...

Gratitude is SO important. I have always been grateful because I'm a very grateful person. I've always been grateful and thankful for friends, family, situations, circumstances, opportunities, health, and things – but I've been practising gratitude for more things over the past year, and they are things that I think we should ALL be grateful for... 

Start with being grateful for waking up in the morning. Waking up each day is something we take for granted. We expect it to happen, we don't think of it as a miracle, and we aren't thankful for it.. but we should be. Some people might not wake up tomorrow – so it's vital that we ARE grateful for each morning that we wake up, our eyes open wide, and the daylight floods our senses. Life is beautiful and we need to be grateful for the gift of life each and every day that it blesses us again and again.

As your feet touch the ground, be grateful. You have legs, you have feet, you have toes. You can stand up, you can feel the ground beneath your feet – you're connected to the earth, and you're ALIVE. As your legs start to walk, be grateful. As your toes wriggle, be grateful.

Life is a miracle, and something we all need to be grateful for. We take waking up each day for granted, when in fact it's our greatest blessing of all.

As you wash your face and brush your teeth, be grateful. Your face is beautiful and completely unique. Your hands and arms are able to wash your face and clean your teeth. Your teeth are healthy and clean, white and bright.

As you fill up your kettle for your morning cup of tea, be grateful. You've got running water, electricity, cups, teabags, and everything else you need to be able to carry out such a mundane task of making a simple cup of tea.

Sitting at your table or on your sofa? Be grateful for it. Some people don't have furniture, some people don't even have homes – but you do! You have a roof over your head, you have something to sit on, you have a safe space of your own.

You turn on the TV, but not everybody has that luxury. Not everyone owns a television, not everybody has vision. But you do, and you're so lucky because of that.

Running a bath or hopping in the shower? Be grateful for the running water again, be grateful that it's clean, be grateful that you can afford to use enough of it. Be grateful that you're able to stay clean and fresh, be grateful that you have the commodities you need to clean yourself, dry yourself, and dress yourself.

The clothes on your body are things you should be grateful for too! Not everybody has clothes, not everybody has clean clothes or nice clothes, or clothes that they want to be wearing. So if your clothes are clean, nice, and you've picked them out because you love them – that's pretty good, right?

When you lock up your home and head out in the morning, you've got a home to lock up, so that makes you lucky instantly. And then when you head off out about your daily errands, you might jump in your car or on a bus, or you might walk, or get the train – and ALL of those things are things we should be grateful for.

Be grateful for getting to college/work/university safely. Be grateful for being able to buy your lunch. Be grateful for the people that smile at you. Be grateful for your colleagues and peers. And exude this gratitude wherever you go, throughout your entire life.

The universe KNOWS when you are grateful. Be grateful for the smallest things, and the universe will multiply these things. Before you know it, you'll be living a life of greatness, abundance, and never-ending happiness.

Gratitude can change your life, because as soon as you begin being grateful for things, the universe picks up the frequency in which you are on, and as a result, the universe will give you more of what makes you happy and grateful!

I wanted to write this post to remind you all, that even in our darkest hours, we still have an awful lot to be grateful for. Gratitude isn't just about saying thanks to the barista as he takes your order, it runs a lot deeper.

Remember to be grateful for your loved ones, and remember to SHOW them. Always show people how grateful you are.. it's important. Showing them how grateful YOU are for THEM, will cause them to feel happy and then they'll be on the correct frequency for happiness and a multitude of other blessings. See... it really is a bigger thing!

Be grateful for your mum, your nan, your friends, your pet, and anything in your life that brings you joy, comfort, abundance, health, and happiness.

We are all so blessed, so let's start thanking the universe for our blessed lives!

*The blouse was gifted to me by Shein as part of a previous collaboration

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