Wednesday 1 May 2019

[Dress gifted from SHEIN]

Firstly, Happy Beltane my lovelies! I hope you've all had a blessed day, sending all of my love to my fellow Wiccan witches! 

I love the sunnier months. Although I'm very much an autumn lover, there's just something about the beauty of nature during the sunnier months that make my heart sing. The blossom trees, the blue skies, the green grass, the leaves growing again.. it all just makes me so happy. So here's a few of my favourite things about spring and summer...

Pink Cherry Blossom Trees

I adore ALL cherry blossom trees, but there's just something about the innocence and pure beauty that the pink cherry blossom trees exude. They have a personality that's bright, brash, bold, and yet still they remain composed, innocent, and beautiful throughout the seasons. I just cannot resist the pink cherry blossom tree, and I doubt my love for them will ever fade.

The fashion, of course

The fashion during any of the transitional seasons is pretty darn fabulous.. autumn fashion is probably my ultimate favourite, but honestly, who can resist a floral dress or pale pink jacket? Not to mention getting the denim jackets back out!

The way the leaves appear on the trees

It's amazing to see how the nature changes. I love seeing trees that were bare last week, suddenly change into trees adorned with green leaves. It's truly marvellous to see how mother nature works!

Being able to explore

I love exploring nature. I love heading to different parks, woodlands, and forests, farms, beaches, and gardens. From spring through to autumn, I'm often found exploring as much as I can, while basking in the sunshine while flouncing around in the beauty of nature!

Golden hour

Golden hour.. the most beautiful part of the day. Although I adore the break of dawn, I particularly love golden hour. At around 7:30pm, the sun is setting and the sky goes golden.. I love it so much and wish I could run through a field every evening during this time of the day.

SHEIN kindly gifted me this gorgeous Plus Belted Flower Split Dress, use code quirkQ2 for 15% off until June 30th.

What are your favourite things about spring/summer?


  1. Stripey dresses with big pockets - without a doubt. I love spring summer wardrobes! :) You look beautiful!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. i love Pink Cherry Blossom Trees!! they are amazing !
    Your dress is so pretty! Perfect for spring and summer!

    1. They're so beautiful aren't they!! I wish they'd stay in bloom all year through!! And thank you so much! xxx


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