Thursday 30 May 2019

[Contains gifted clothing]

I've never been on a first date. Well, not one that I'd define as a 'proper' first date anyway. For me, a first date should be magical and heady, perfect and fairy-tale like – and for a beautiful, magical occasion like this, you need an outfit that's equally as romantic...

I'm a hopeless romantic and always have been. I've often dreamt of the perfect first date – a stroll along the seafront on a sunny day as the sunsets, and then a first kiss while curled up on the beach beneath a blanket. I've often placed myself in the love songs I've listened to and envisioned myself as the girl who falls madly in love. Sadly, I've not yet had a proper first date, nor a first love. But at least I know that when I do find somebody who takes me on a proper date, I have the perfect outfit. 

A first date outfit doesn't have to be muted and neutral, it doesn't have to be plain and 'not you'. When on a first date it's important to 'be you', which is why I would wear something like this – bright, bold, pretty, feminine, chic, and ever-so-vintage too.

When styling up an outfit for a first date – think of the image you want to convey. For me I'd want to show my soft side. I have such a sassy and opinionated presence online, so I'd want to strip myself back a bit. I'd want my date to see me for me – how I really am in the real world.

Although sassy in real life, I wouldn't want this to be my date's first impression of me. Falling in love requires honesty, so why go in all guns blazing? I'd much rather show my softer side, my more natural side, and the way I am at home – because if things continued I wouldn't want to have 1) mis-sold myself, and 2) have to put on a facade. 

Showing my softer side wouldn't be all cotton candy though. I'd still have a bright red lip, matching fingernails and toenails, and stunning accessories. My outfit would still be bold, and I wouldn't dilute my sassiness to the point that I was a pushover or a damsel-in-distress – after all, I'm still me, I'm still independent, I'm still sassy, and I'm not going to change for anyone.

Express yourself through the clothes you wear. But make sure you wear clothes that you LOVE. Always wear an outfit that makes you feel amazing – first date, coffee with the girls, or wedding guest – no matter what the occasion.. always dress in a way that makes you feel amazing!

Steal Mollie's Vintage Style

My perfect first date outfit comprises of a stunning 1950s style dress from Lady V London – a beautiful vintage dress company that kindly gifted me this stunning number. It's the Goldie Dress in the Cupid's Rose print* (perfect for a first date, eh!?) and I can tell you now, I really struck gold with this one! A beautiful fit, the Goldie Dress fits like a dream. Made from a beautiful material that's almost scuba-like, this dress is opulent, luxurious, and suits me more than anything hanging in my wardrobe. I feel like this dress was designed for me.. it just oozes 'me' and everything I adore.. pink, roses, and romantic vibes.

The dress is so versatile, super comfy, and even prettier in real life. The pink roses and the green accents against the white background make the most amazing contrast. The length is romantic and sweet, and the little puffed short sleeves make the cutest addition. 

Not only is this dress perfect for a date, but it's perfect for weddings, events, evenings out, romantic dinners, or even a day out whether that be down the high-street or uptown.

Lady V London is an incredible Vintage dress store.. all dresses are lovingly made in London, England (something that I adore). All of their dresses are stunning – gorgeous fits, beautiful designs, and the most amazing prints. I'm a massive lover of florals, bright colours, and bold prints. Lady V London is right up my street, and I highly recommend them and their gorgeous dresses!

I teamed the stunning dress with a pink coat* from Junarose, Candy Floss Sporran* from the Leather Satchel Company, white peep toe sandals from River Island, cat eye sunglasses from VOW London, and vintage clip on earrings.

The dress teams perfectly with these accessories – a modern take on a vintage look. And when paired with the Edwardian vintage bus shelter... the entire outfit is a match made in heaven!

What would your perfect first date look like? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I can't remember what I wore to the first date with my husband but it was definitely a dress, I just can't remember which one!! You look amazing in this piece Mollie, love the floral print!! :)


  2. That dress is so pretty and the sandals look perfect for wearing with so many different outfits xx

  3. This whole outfit is so gorgeous! I completely agree, first date outfits should make you feel comfortable and 100% like yourself! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  4. Beautiful dresss!! You look stunning !!!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram 


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