Monday 27 August 2018

I truly believe that having a mind of your own is key, and copying people isn't the answer. After all, why would you want to be like somebody else? Isn't authenticity more of an admirable trait? 

For years I've been moulding myself into the person I am today – everything I do is off of my own back. The clothes I wear, the tattoos I get, the things I buy and the articles I write. Blogging? All off my own back. The nail polish I'm wearing? All off my own back. And the songs I write? All off my own back. I'm my own person, and I truly believe that's one of my best, if not my best trait. 

Everybody is unique, and everybody has a mind of their own. And this post exists so that you feel encouraged and enabled to be yourself without any limitations whatsoever. After reading this, I'd love for you to come away feeling refreshed, revived and ready to take on the world. 

Of course we get influenced by other people – there's no doubt about that. And of course we take teeny, tiny aspects from everything that we encounter in life, and incorporate it into our being (most of the time we do this subconsciously). But this is no excuse for blatantly trying to be or exactly like somebody else. 

Throughout my school life, I done what I wanted (in terms of wearing a nose ring, painting my nails, and wearing bigger stud earrings than what I should have done, because it was part of my identity.. yes, even back then!), and because I was different, people would gradually begin to follow and copy the things I did. If I bought a glittery pencil case, so would three other girls. If I liked a niche band, so did two other girls. If I joined an after school club because I had a genuine passion, some girls would join who had no interest in the subject at all. And if I covered my homework diary in pretty paper, so did some of the other girls. Obviously at that age, everyone is impressionable to a degree, but I draw the line at blatantly copying.

I detest anybody who blatantly copies somebody – whether that be in the form of an entire outfit, their favourite hobby, or somebody's work. 

Within the blogosphere, there's been scandals – people copying work, ripping each other off, stealing photos, and so much more, and this IS NOT right. Stealing people's articles and photos is terrible, and this SHOULD be a copyright offence. 

Aside from the copyright offence chat, and stealing people's actual content... What if somebody's copying me – my clothes, my personality, words I say, things I do, things I buy, and things I liked first? What if it's not obvious and you don't want to make yourself look like a total nutcase? Well, carry on being you, and doing you. Of course, it's going to get on your tits. Having somebody copy you is terrible, and not nice. It's not a nice feeling to have somebody gradually take little parts of you and turn it into a part of them – but the best thing you can do? KEEP ON BEING YOU. Don't crawl into a shell, and don't hide under a rock. Shine up your sparkling personality, put on your best outfit, listen to your favourite music and keep doing exactly what your heart desires.

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms"

And remember that being influenced is completely different to copying. It's a very fine line, but being influenced is not the same as deciding to copy somebody.  I'm always very mindful, although I don't really ever need to be, because my mind is 110% my own.

Say for instance your friend, or somebody you follow on Instagram tracked down a gorgeous autumnal candle, and you want one as well – this isn't copying. But now say that somebody you know, or a friend of yours has a particular jacket that you love – it doesn't hurt to say, "do you mind if I get that too? It's beautiful!" – but then again, why on earth would you want to be a carbon copy of somebody you know/see regularly? It beats me!

I don't want you to come away from this post scared to like the same lipstick as somebody, instead I want you to feel both empowered to be YOU, and mindful of others. It'd be silly to say that no two people in this world could wear the same thing, like the same thing, or buy the same thing – but I just want people (especially young girls going through school/college) to be mindful. Don't feel like you should or have to be like somebody else in order to fit in – instead be true and authentic to your true being, purpose, and self. And don't feel as though you can't like or wear the same thing as somebody – just go about it in a different way, and don't copy their way of doing things.

It's simple really. Be true to yourself, and nobody can bother you, and you won't be bothering anybody else. Just be mindful of others, and true to yourself. 

More about the outfit.....

The outfit I'm wearing is SUPER CHIC – and I am IN LOVE! An all white ensemble complete with blush pink/nude hues. White Ripped Jeans from River Island, White Broderie Anglaise Blouse & Tassel Earrings from H&M, Pink Check Jacket from Topshop, DKNY Sunglasses, IKRUSH Handbag & Shoes, and Michael Kors Watch.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post – it's a subject I'm super passionate about, as I'm a huge advocate for being true to yourself, and I'm also passionate about ensuring you're not copying anybody else.

Has anybody ever copied you blatantly? Or has anybody stolen your work/articles/photos before? Let me know below!


  1. As far as I'm aware, no one has copied my blog before (although I'm terrified that someone will and then get more traffic than I do off the back of my work!) but I used to do art in school and people were constantly looking at each other's work and taking ideas. Our final presentations all ended up looking fairly similar. I found it so frustrating! We should definitely celebrate our individuality and uniqueness instead of just copying everyone we see!
    Hannah | Whoops It's Hannah

    1. I'm exactly the same! It also doesn't help that I am a huge worrier, and massive overthinker!! Oh gosh, that sounds terrible.. but things like this happen, and I really am not keen. I definitely agree – being individual is far better than copying.. embrace being YOU! Thank you so much for reading my love, lots of love from Mollie xxx

  2. These are all big issues! When I'm inspired by someone, I always make sure to credit them because I wouldnt like it if other people didn't do the same. But copying someone is just soooo wrong!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Yes, I 100% agree!! Thank you so much for reading my love xxxx

  3. I used to think imitation was the highest form of flattery, until I realized all the people who try to copy others are often highly unoriginal, insecure people and then I just feel really sorry for them and hope they develop the confidence to be themselves on day.

    Great article!

    On The Cusp |

  4. GIRL! This post is everything! I saw a link on twitter and I had to come and read this because I am currently going through this. A 'friend' of mine knew I blogged and used to religiously follow my insta to see what i was upto or what i used to get sent. We don't talk anymore because I decided to cut her off due to her negative energy and I just came to know that she has made a blog and insta, kind of in my style. I was just amazed at this. I was quite down about this but now it has kind of made me feel that I need to continue what I am doing and do more. There will always be haters watching so you just gotta give em a real show... oh and on her instagram she followed every single company/brand I collaborated with... sad or what?!

    Thank you for sharing this post, you're an inspiration!

    Zara xx


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