Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2017

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Ahh, the Chanel Spring Couture Collection, this is my favourite fashion event of the year; well this and the Burberry Autumn Collection. Karl Lagerfeld is a genius, he creates and designs the most amazing collections imaginable. Karl said that he wanted something 'impeccable and clean' and oh boy, did he deliver. He wanted the models walking the runway to 'look like fashion drawings', which I definitely think he pulled off. They looked exquisite.

The Chanel 2017 Spring Collection showcase was very classic and not as 'themed' as previous years such as when Chanel had the ever so gorgeous 'Supermarket Chic' theme, which saw Cara Delevinge sashay up and down aisles of tins, bottles and boxes whilst adorned in tweed. Autumn/Winter 2014 HAD to be my most favourite year for fun fashion! I might just have to write an article on the year of fun fashion - 2014!

Anyway, lets get back to the Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2017 Collection and all of its gorgeousness. The backdrop was very different to recent years, the previously mentioned supermarket, the ever so chic casino amongst many more, but Spring 2017 saw the most amazing mirrored art deco-esque runway, echoing the famous stairs in Coco Chanel's atelier on the Rue Cambon, Paris, France; which I thought was a wonderful accent to the show. From highly tailored suits, gorgeous tweed, feathers and chiffon, the runway looked gorgeous and like something out of the most amazing dream. 'I love feathers' said Karl Lagerfeld, hence the abundance of gorgeous fluffy feathers, pink being my personal favourite. I just love the traditional Chanel accents that ooze from this collection alongside Karl Lagerfeld's pure ingeniousness and creativity - the two components knit together seamlessly. I just love Chanel Couture, it's simply exquisite - it always is.

I ADORE this beautifully classic Chanel Couture Spring 2017 collection to pieces. It's exquisite and each garment looks beyond stunning, the attention to detail is prominent in every single inch of every single garment. The execution of the showcase was wonderful; from the Art Deco mirrored backdrop to the mirrored flooring, the way the models walked and the way the dresses flowed and fell on the models. Chanel never disappoints and this showcase proves just that completely.

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  1. I really like the classic look of this collection, the dresses are beautiful, and the designs look like something similar to what you would actually wear, rather than being too far fetched :)

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