YouTube | My very first YouTube video!

Monday 5 January 2015

So, I started my own Vlogging/YouTubing Channel... EEEEKKKKK!!!! Read more to find out how my very first Vlog went!!!
If you know me, you'll know that I just want to do well in everything I do, hence why I spent over 12hours in total, filming, planning and editing my very first YouTube Vlog/Video! I was so excited to do this but had the most stressful day known to man. I was in such a tizz. "Does my head look too big?" "Oh no, I've damaged my camera!!!" "My hair's gone all flat and horrible" "Sh*t!!!! I Dropped my laptop!!" "Mum, please come and help me!!" I was honestly so stressed out and moody!!! Haha! I wasn't planned properly and I was all hot and bothered. 

So far so good though, I've had quite a good response so far, so thank you all for being so supportive of me over the past year, it really does mean the world to me!

I'd love it if you could have a peak at my new video, tell me what you think and if there is anything you'd like me to do in the coming weeks regarding my YouTube or Blog! 

I have planned ahead for a few Vlogs, so hopefully my future Vlogs will run a lot more smoothly!


  1. Just watched this video and the Pink collection made me want to go and buy a load of yoga pants :) subscribed to your channel and cant wait to see more xx


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