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Friday 2 January 2015

Sparkly dress - Check // Statement jewels - Check // Designer bag - Check // New hairstyle - Check
Read more to see where all of this gorgeous bling is from.. (NYE OOTD)

This is what I shot on the day before NYE but I actually wore it out on NYE... if that makes sense?! But anyway... this gorgeous dress is THE perfect party dress. Why? because it's from my fave ever shop. I have this in a gorgeous green print too. The style is flattering and so easy to wear but is still versatile enough to wear to the shops or a party. 

Have you noticed the quality of my pics have improved?!?!?! OMG YAY I'm using my shiny new DLSR (Nikon D3200) EEEKK!! I was so happy when I opened this at Christmas.. my mum wrote the tag from her and Jasper (RIP little one) If you don't know who Jasper is look back at my October post named 'Rest in Peace Jasper the wonder cat'!

Let's get back on the subject of fashion. I teamed my sparkly dress with black tights, black shoes, a gorgeous long line kimono and Lulu Guinness Paula Bag and Metallic coin purse! I got the coin purse for Christmas and I love it ever such a lot!

Dress from Monki // Kimono from River Island // Shoes from River Island // Earrings from River Island // Necklace from Primark // Coin Purse by Lulu Guinness // Handbag by Lulu Guinness // Watch by Michael Kors // Bracelet from Forever21 


My New Years Goals (as I prefer to call them) are to expand my blog, to start vlogging and to be happy and healthy! What are your goals and hopes for 2015!?

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  1. Great pics! Happy New Year


  2. I love your purse in the last pic gr8 quality btw 💕

  3. I'm so in love with your dress!! I was looking for something like this for NYE but couldnt find anything:( would be really great if you could check out my fashion blog? :)



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