Saturday 15 November 2014

I am an absolute sucker for lipstick at the moment as I think it adds that touch of glamour to a gloomy world. I usually opt for L'Oréal's 24HR Infallible lipstick that I must say is absolutely fantastic, but I recently purchased these amazing melted liquified long-wear lipsticks from Debenhams by Too Faced. They are so great and the pigmentation is simply unbelievable!! 

When applying these lipsticks exfoliate beforehand either with a Lush lip-scrub or a dry, clean toothbrush. Then apply some Carmex lip balm, leave to sink in and then apply the lippy. The colour is long-lasting but you might need to re-apply after you eat, but only if you've smudged or knocked it.

I rate this lipstick 9/10 because the pigmentation is perfect, but I really wish it lasted a tiny bit longer.... but maybe that's because I'm used to the Infallible lipstick I mentioned earlier. I totally recommend this lipstick to anyone who likes an array of colours to choose from and great, long-lasting colour pigmentation. If you don't want to buy the full set then I really recommend the 'Melted Fuchsia' and 'Melted Berry' :)

From left to right: 'Melted Nude' / 'Melted Peony' / 'Melted Fuchsia' / 'Melted Berry'

This set photographed above is the 'Melted Kisses' Christmas gift set available from Debenhams that retails at £22, which contains their four bestselling colours.

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