Saturday 8 November 2014

Tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday and to help my outfit tie in today, I wore a pink poppy t-shirt that I bought on Thursday. This tee is so soft, comfy and cute. It's perfect for ANY season and is versatile and pastel-y!

I teamed this comfy tee with some River Island jeans, a PINK hoodie, High/chunky sandals, classic makeup, naked nails and my faithful Speedy 35 in the Damier Azur canvas. Pastel colours have been in fashion and on trend for months and months now and I am so pleased that they aren't disappearing from our wardrobes just yet. Pastel colours are pretty and floaty, so they look amazing with metallics and slightly bolder colours such as blacks and greys. If you was thinking of getting rid of your pastel clothing then don't!!! They have so much more life left in them and they are perfect for the transitional weeks in-between seasons.

****Sorry for the lack of photographs! It was sooooo windy!!****

Hoodie from PINK // Tee from Monki // Jeans from River Island // Shoes from River Island // Earrings from Forever21 // Bag from Louis Vuitton (Speedy 35 Damier Azur)


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