Saturday 13 September 2014

I've recently collaborated with 'Phantom Jewels' they are an exquisite jewellery brand that I have fallen in love with. Because I am attending London Fashion Week today and tomorrow they have sent me this gorgeous piece of neck-candy to flaunt about with at Somerset House. This beautiful combo of two show-stopping statement necklaces will compliment my dress perfectly. My whole ensemble is sure to standout (hopefully for all of the right reasons...) I have been looking forward to LFW for months now and now I'm promoting Phantom Jewels I am looking forward to it even more! This beautiful 'combo' is called 'The Elixir of Athena' and retails at £34.99 with free UK postage/shipping. This 'stacked' statement beauty is sure to turn heads!

Keep an eye on my blog, TPOMQ, for lots more coverage from LFW! If you see me there, come and say hi! Tomorrow you will see my full ensemble feat. Phantom Jewels!!!

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! Have fun at LFW :)


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