Wednesday 17 September 2014

Luxury Goods are becoming more and more sought after with Women these days, especially those who lead opulent lifestyles. I myself own a few luxury accessories but not as many as I would like as they are so expensive! My personal favourite brand is Louis Vuitton. It’s safe to say I’m probably obsessed. I am truly fascinated by Louis Vuitton and his luxurious brand.
My favourite leather canvas they use would be the classic Monogram and the historic Damier and Damier Azur. They do a wide variety of items that will suit anyone’s desired taste in this particular canvas . From trunks to bracelets and handbags to belts, you are sure to find something that will satisfy your opulent needs. If you are looking for an iconic piece that you will get your use out of then the Speedy would be the perfect choice, whether you choose the 25, 30 or 35 this handbag will treat you well if you treat it well.

Choose a canvas to suit you and your acquired taste, whether it is light and summery, dark and wintery or practical and versatile the three canvases on offer in the Speedy style bag will please you perfectly. The Speedy 35 is £565 and is sold at any Louis Vuitton fashion house, online from their official website or from Harrods or Selfridges.

Maybe you’re not looking for an iconic handbag but you’re still lusting over the prints of their canvases? Well then the ‘Keep It’ bracelet is the perfect choice, especially if you like the Damier or Damier Azur Canvas. This beautiful piece is recognisable but not too 'loud' and abrupt compared to a handbag or trunk. The price is also significantly lower so this might suit your bank balance a little better.
Maybe none of the above suit your style, so I would suggest a simple scarf or shawl. These can range from £210 to much, much more. Depending on the material, style and colour, you’ll be able to find one to suit you and your price range. You can dress these simple yet divine accessories with a simple white shirt, denim jeans and brogues for a masculine silhouette with a very feminine edge. These scarves and shawls are so versatile and I think they’re a great investment, I really hope to purchase one of these one day.
Louis Vuitton 1900's
149 New Bond Street, London
I could honestly talk about Louis Vuitton all day because I find the brand itself and its history really intriguing. Louis Vuitton thought that the world needed a new design for cases and trunks, so in 1858, he introduced stackable rectangular shaped trunks to a market that only had rounded tops. These new designs were waterproof meaning that rain  would run off of them easily, protecting the contents.  At first the leather wasn’t monogrammed, in fact it was a few years after Louis Vuitton died that his son came up with the monogram design. His son Georges Vuitton created the ‘Steamer’ bag that was a smaller piece of luggage, this was their first handbag design and, well, the rest is history.

I think that owning a few pieces from Louis Vuitton has spiked my interest in the brand and the remarkable history behind it.. When you own an item from a brand that was established years ago, I think that it’s important to know the history behind it. Buy an Iconic piece today that might be historic in years to come.
What are your favourite luxury brands and why?

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