Thursday 29 May 2014

Pink Kaftan - Laundry Boutique
Flowers and Crocs
Necklace - A Curious Fairytale
Kimono + Dress - River Island + Primark
Frames - Upcycled
Green Satchel/Bag - New Look
Handmade Cards - Fifona Designs
Kimono + Dress - Same as before

I am so sorry I haven't posted very much lately, I have been recovering from a Gallbladder infection, packing for Manchester and bricking it for my operation next week (I am so very nervous!)

I am going to be dotting some slips around Manchester with my blog details on, so if you are one of those lucky people, hiya! and a big welcome to my fairly new blog! I will be posting loads more from Saturday onwards including lots of fashion posts, a vip concert review and much more. I really hope you like my blog and carry on reading regularly. I will also be starting to Vlog from Saturday onwards, so keep an eye out for details on my twitter page- @molliequirk97!

See you all soon! x

I hope you all have a great weekend and soak up the rain that has been forecast ;)

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