Monday 26 May 2014

I think that these days technology has taken over and people rarely write to each other. I personally think that if people wrote 'snail mail' again, people wouldn't be as lonely and isolated. Some people don't have friends in their area etc... and it is nice for them to receive a sweet little note every now and then. If any of you need a pen pal, just email me and I will happily write to you :) I was sent these beautiful handmade cards from a sweet little etsy shop called Fifona Designs you can find them here. Fifona Designs specialises in handmade, unique products that are all absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend Fifona Designs, everything about the cards they sent me was to a high standard - the way they were packaged, the way they look, the way they are made. I am truly in love with these cards and I cannot wait until I send them to people although it will be hard to let go of the beautiful designs!

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