The Art Of Christmas Bathing 2021 by LUSH – The Ideal Christmas Gift

Saturday 13 November 2021

The Art of Christmas Bathing from LUSH is everything you could wish for this Christmas – don't believe me? Well, let me clue you in. 

[Disclaimer: ad-pr – I was gifted the items in the photographs]


If you love LUSH, then you'll LOVE The Art of Christmas Bathing. Containing twenty bathing favourites, this gift set is the perfect present for any LUSH-lover or #LUSHIE. This ultimate gift-box contains some of my ultimate favourites, from the cult-classic Intergalactic, to the new Hey! Hollywood! bath bomb, and the Cinnamon Roll bubble bar, as well as the fan-favourite Snow Fairy bath bomb.
The £100 bonanza might seem a little steep in price, but for what you're getting inside – it's honestly a steal. Bear in mind that you don't need to use one whole product for one standalone bath – you can simply crumble just a little of a bubble bar or cut off just a smidgen of bath bomb. 
I reviewed the 2020 version of The Art of Christmas Bathing from LUSH, be sure to check it out.

What do you get inside the 2021 version of The Art of Christmas Bathing!?

- I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb (Raspberry goodness)

- Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb (Soothing cedar-wood and lavender)

- Butterbear Bath Bomb (Relaxing ylang ylang and cocoa butter)

- Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb (The best-selling 'Sleepy' scent)

- The Golden Pudding Bath Bomb (Uplifting citrus, with bright pink foam)

- Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb (Cobalt blue water and a sweet and citrus-y scent)

- Twilight Bath Bomb (Dreamy lavender and pink bath waters)

- Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb (Refreshing peppermint)

- Jingle Bells Bath Bomb (Citrus goodness)

- Snowball Bath Bomb (Eucalyptus, mint and a whole lotta glitter)

- You Shall Go To The Ball Bath Bomb (Strawberry scented with golden flecks)

- Intergalactic Bath Bomb (Deep blue water with popping candy)

- Snow Fairy Bath Bomb (Candyfloss and the classic 'Snow Fairy' scent)

- Mini Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar (Candyfloss and the classic 'Snow Fairy' scent)

- Sleepy Bubble Bar (Shaped like a cloud with a strong scent of lavender)

- Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar (Pink waters that smell of mint)

- Mini Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar (Pumpkin spice latte anyone?)

- Mini Rainbow Bubble Bar (Bright and beautiful citrus scents)

- Orange Pop Bath Bomb (Orange-ade)

- The North Pole Bubble Bar (Fruity cocktail)

Snow Fairy Obsessed?

Maybe the Art of Christmas Bathing isn't up your street (HOW!?), so maybe a Snow Fairy hamper would be more suited? After all, this scent is one of the most popular, so you can't go wrong with a little bit of the classic candyfloss-scent.


My top picks from the collection...

- The Big Snow Fairy Roll, £20 (A MASSIVE bubble bar, covered in glitter)

- Snow Fairy Bath Bomb, £4.95 (Glitter and candyfloss – I'm sold)

- Snow Fairy Shower Gel, from £5.50 (Liquid snow fairy goodness)

- Snow Fairy Soap, £5 (Hands that smell like candy)


Other Snow Fairy gift ideas...

- Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, from £9.50

- Snow Fairy Body Spray, £20

- Fairy Christmas Set, £60

- Christmas Bliss Set, £40

- Sparkle Set, £15


I am OBSESSED with literally all of this. But my personal favourites are the 1kg shower gel, and the XL bubble bar!

Which LUSH Christmas gift will be on your wish-list this year? Comment below and let me know.

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