The year that's been good to me, goodbye 23

Sunday 5 September 2021

I turned 24 on Saturday – and in all honesty, that's absolute madness. How am I 24 years of age... I have no idea.

I wanted to write a commemorative post because 23 has probably been one of the best years of my life and I am so grateful for everything and so incredibly proud of what I have achieved. 

It was around a year ago that I promised myself I'd start getting published in big publications, online websites and magazines, and one year on I've smashed that goal into pieces. I started blogging almost eight years ago – I started at the age of 16; I then began to write for free for various publications, before getting onto my dream college course and then getting into university to study journalism.

Having been working towards a career in journalism for almost eight years, it's crazy to me that at the age of 23 I've set goals and smashed them head on – I'm so proud of all that I have achieved. 

Although 2020 was pretty grim and the age of 23 hasn't always been rosy and bright – for the most part, it's been a pretty wonderful age to blossom, bloom and grow.

Full disclaimer: my jumpsuit was a press gift from Simply Be. and will be featured in an upcoming blog post and Instagram snaps

Yes, there have been terrible days, weeks and months. Not getting more than an hours sleep for eight days straight earlier on in the year wasn't much fun when my accessed tooth decided to become problematic again – thank God I've got my hospital appointment for restorative root canal next month – but let's leave that there and not dwell on the negatives.

So yeah, there have been dull days, grey days and days that didn't make me happy – but there have been way more good days than bad. 

Here's 23 things I've done/achieved/am proud of from being a 23 year old:

  • Overcoming my fear of the dentist and getting root canal
  • Transforming mine and my mum's flat into a colourful nook
  • Taking 100mg of consistently since November
  • Maintaining my friendship with my American pen pal (AKA bestie)
  • Getting two doses of AstraZeneca despite my health anxiety going through the roof
  • Writing for Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • Writing for GLAMOUR UK
  • Writing regularly for Daily Star
  • Getting my first print byline with Daily Star
  • Writing for other publications like Stylist, Bustle, HelloGiggles, The Flock, The Independent, ELLE etc.

  • Becoming Digital Editor of The Fat Zine
  • Starting Dear Curvy Girl (even though it's technically on hiatus)
  • Being able to treat my mum on her birthday
  • Writing a 5,000 word dissertation on UK sizing and getting an extract of it published on The Telegraph
  • Getting over 70% in ALL of my final year university assignments
  • Getting a FIRST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE in journalism
  • Getting accepted onto my Masters degree
  • Making loads of hilarious memories with my mum
  • Being able to go out for coffee with my mum again (even though we wipe everything with alcohol wipes beforehand)
  • Becoming more at peace with my body, figure and shape
  • Avoided romance like the plague because I honestly cannot cope with it
  • Focused on ME (and my mum and Carnaby) more than ever before
  • Watched a ridiculous amount of Drag Race

Whenever my birthday rolls around, I tend to get an overwhelming fear that the coming year is going to be 'bad' or whatever that's supposed to mean. Being a Virgo means I'm a perfectionist, so naturally change makes me worry and spiral (probably why I spent the day before my birthday crying *almost all day long* – but let's not talk about that. 

Stepping into a new year always feels scary at first, but I'm reminding myself (and you) that it's a fresh start, a new side to a leaf, a brand new opportunity and a beautiful new beginning. 

24 will be even better than 23, because I'm going to make sure of it. Here's to 24!

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  1. Oh wow, you've achieved so much! Here's hoping that 24 is just as kind to you xx

    Hannah |


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