Sunday 7 February 2021

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Valentine's Day comes around each year and I'm reminded of just how single I am. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being single – in fact, I've realised I'm happier than I've ever been. I've finally stopped wanting to fall in love with somebody else and I've started to fall in love with myself instead. So, I'm here to introduce you to some new beautiful products from LUSH – they make the perfect self-love gift to yourself...

LUSH kindly gifted me some dreamy rose-scented Valentine's treats and I just haaaad to share them with you. If you're a lover of anything rose-scented, then you'll adore this quad – for dreamy products to help you practice self-love this V-Day...

Love Me Do Bath Bomb

RRP: £6.95

If you're a lover of deep and heady scents, then this clever bath bomb is for you. With rich scents of Pakistani Rose Absolute, Dried Red Roses, Lavender and Ylang Ylang – this gorgeous bath bomb really is a delightful luxury. You drop the entire thing into the tub (with the cloth on) and it infuses your bath with a gorgeous red colour and rose fragrance, what's not to love?

Rose Argan Massage Bar

RRP: £8.00

This opulent massage bar makes the perfect sensual self-love gift to you. Bursting with fragrance, this massage bar has a potent scent of rosewater, which is just perfect if you love floral and rosy scents. With argan oil to soften skin, this massage bar hydrates your skin deeply while leaving it lightly scented for hours. This bar will last you a long time because of the pure potency of the fragrance and the longevity of its design/ingredients. I adore this massage bar and use it in place of body moisturiser once in a while, the perfect treat my skin needs this V-Day.

Heart Beat Bath Bomb

RRP: £5.95

If you like the old-time classic LUSH product 'Bubbleroon Rose Jam' – then you'll love the Heart Beat Bath Bomb, as it actually belongs to the Rose Jam family. This Limited Edition bath bomb will leave you feeling loved up and luscious, moisturised and velvety smooth. Drop into your bath, hop in, lay back and unwind to the scent of roses, while the cocoa butter hearts work their magic on your skin. Also, there's popping candy inside this bath bomb (AKA my favourite ever bath bomb ingredient).

Keep It Fluffy Perfume Bubble Bottle

RRP: £10

Stepping away from the rose-tinted hues of this post and into a slightly lighter, more fluffy fragrance... the Keep It Fluffy Perfume Bubble Bottle is such a fun addition to this post. Shaped like a luxe perfume bottle, the fragrance of this bathing accompaniment combines powdery vanilla with jasmine, for an 'old-school glamour' fragrance that makes you feel beautiful. Perfect for an opulent Friday night treat or a Tuesday afternoon pick-me-up – this stunning bubble bottle will give you up to 8 sweetly scented baths!

Something else that is amazing... the Pakistani rose that is used in LUSH products is sustainably sourced. Read about the full venture here. I really love how LUSH work towards sustainability – they fight for so many amazing causes and I am truly blessed to have been able to collaborate with them!  

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  1. I always love Lushs' limited edition collections, they're always so beautiful, and this one looks no different! I need Heart Beat in my life, Rose Jam is one of my fave scents xx

    Hannah |


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