Thursday 20 August 2020

[Gifted bikini from SHEIN]

Summer 2020.. a summer that none of us will ever forget. I spent summer 2020 mostly in lockdown, which meant I spent the hottest days of the year in my apartment on the sixth floor. High rises in the heat aren't an awful lot of fun – but there were a few positives to spending my days in a bikini, one positive in particular....

Bikinis were never a staple in my wardrobe before this year. Bikinis weren't something I'd think of to buy because I didn't think I had the correct body for them. Bullshit.. correct body? What a joke. But being in lockdown and staying indoors for summer 2020 has really opened my eyes to how much I like wearing bikinis.

Wearing a bikini at home throughout the summer has taught me to love my body. It sounds crazy, but you should try it. Just walk around in your underwear or a cute bikini – do it for a few days and you'll understand exactly what I mean. Because wearing a bikini, having your body on show and being present with your body is truly a beautiful thing – it's invigorating, enlightening and incredibly freeing.

Being in a bikini all day, just carrying out your daily tasks, really helps you to see your body in a different light

Catching a glance of your body in the mirror or a reflection, sitting on the sofa and seeing your body mould into different shapes, walking around and feeling your body move.. all of these mundane things and feelings feel extraordinary in a bikini. 

Wearing the Plus Ditsy Floral High Waisted Bikini from SHEIN (gifted). Use code QUIRKQ2 for 15% off (not affiliated)

If you're unsure about running round the house in a bikini, start off with shorts and a vest, or anything you feel comfortable in doing so. Small steps lead to great success!

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