Sunday 22 December 2019

[Lingerie gifted to me by Figleaves]

Self love is sexy. And yes, that applies to every single BODY. I'm a size 16 twenty-two-year-old and I love myself. I dress up in lace lingerie for nobody but myself. Even as a twenty-two-year-old single virgin – being sexy is still a thing and is something that empowers me on a daily basis.

Fat can be sexy, slim can be sexy, short can be sexy – every body can be sexy... in fact – every body is SEXY!

You don't have to have a certain body type to be sexy. Sexy is something that we are ALL worthy of. Slim people can be sexy, fat people can be sexy, cellulite can be sexy, hip dips can be sexy – every facet and every 'flaw' is worthy of being sexy. 

I'm chubby, some might say fat and some might say midsized. I have cellulite, my thighs touch, my boobs sag and I have stomach rolls. None of this excludes or prevents me from being, looking or feeling sexy – NONE OF IT. Everyone is capable and worthy of the word sexy... in whatever way they want to perceive it.

Looking or feeling sexy doesn't mean "I want sex" – it can been various things. It might simply mean "I feel confidence". Confidence is sexy.. get over it. 

Another thing about feeling sexy... sexy doesn't have to be sexual – the bottom line is, feeling sexy doesn't mean you're looking for sex. 

When I feel sexy it doesn't necessarily mean I want sex. Being sexy can mean I feel powerful, feminine, confident, sensual, awoken, erotic or sassy. When I put on lace lingerie I do it for me.. I don't do it for anyone else – I simply to it to empower me and to give me a confidence boost. It's amazing really, how a lingerie set can change your mindset and give you a push in the right direction. 

Lingerie set was gifted to me by Figleaves, it's the Isabella Full Cup Underwired Bra with the Isobella High Waisted Brief and Gigi Galloon Lace Robe. It's a super comfy set that makes me feel amazing. Every time I wear this set I feel empowered and sexy.. I feel feminine and sensual.. I feel confident and sassy.


  1. I couldn't agree more!! I cannot stress this enough when I wear lingerie and post pics on social media! Love this and love you!

  2. My new fav powerful women right here x


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