#SlowStyling – why 'fast fashion' isn't for me

Monday 12 November 2018

Inspired my my friend's new movement, #SlowStyling, today I want to chat to you all about re-wearing garments. We don't all have a bottomless bank account brimming with dollar, and we don't all have the time to keep track of each and every trend that shows up on the catwalk (I mean, let's face it, there's a lot!), and in all honesty, I like to get a lot of life out of all of my clothes....

I'm a university student, and my disposable income is practically non-existent. I don't go out drinking, so any money I have left for me is either spent on crystals or clothing. I LOVE buying clothes, and although I do buy a fair amount of clothes, I don't actually buy that many! Over the years I have built up a wardrobe and clothing collection that I adore.. every single garment hanging in my closet is a garment I love and know I'll wear over. 

I don't see the fun in buying a garment if I think I'll only wear it a handful of times – before purchasing a garment I'll have a think – I'll think about how many times I'm going to wear it, what I'll wear it with, and if it's a practical buy. If I have any doubts or reservations, the chances are, I won't purchase it. I need to know that I'm going to get my money's worth, and I need to know that I'll feel confident and comfortable wearing the garment.. otherwise.. what's the point?

I'm not telling you to never buy a new garment ever again, because that's near on impossible. I'm just saying that you should be mindful when buying garments. Have a long hard think about what you're going to wear what you want to buy with. Is it going to be worn a lot? Or is it going to stay hung in your wardrobe? You need to know for sure whether or not you'll wear it a lot, or not!

Clothing has become such a disposable thing. People are buying garments and throwing them out after one wear. Online retailers aren't helping.. especially with the abundance of £5 dresses that are circulating the fashion world – dresses that are worn once or twice and then thrown away. I don't agree with this throwaway culture at all... I think if you're buying something, you should buy it because you love it, not because you have plans on wearing it once and never again.

The outfit I'm wearing in these photographs comprises of a dress I've had for over two years, shoes I've had for around two years, a bag I've had for one year, and a kimono I bought a couple of months ago in the sales. None of it was uber expensive, but I knew for sure that when I purchased each of these items on separate occasions, that they would be worn multiple times... for years on end in fact!

The dress is favourite of mine. It's from Debenhams, and I've worn it around 4 times in two years. Not very often, I know – but I love it nonetheless, and I know for sure that it will be with me for many more years, and be worn many more times.

The shiny rose gold loafers were bought in the River Island sale a couple of years ago, and I bought them because they're super chic, and I knew I would wear them a lot. Not only are they chic, but they're comfy too, and they go with so so so many of my outfits! They were a great buy because when I wear lighter outfits, they team so perfectly, and look so chic!

The bag was gift to myself over a year ago. I bought it as a gift to myself for the Autumn Equinox 2017. It's the most stunning 'one off' backpack from Grafea. It's super pretty, and so versatile. It works so well with this outfit, as the colour palette is neutral yet bold. With tan leather, pink suede, and silver studs, this bag is perfect for any season.

Now onto the star of the show... the gorgeous Kimono! With it's heavy pattern, stunning colour palette, and amazing detailing, it's one of my favourite garments ever. On first glance, you might not think that the kimono would team well with a patterned dress, but it works SO well! As soon as I set eyes on this kimono a couple of months ago, I just knew I had to have it, and I knew for a fact that I would wear it over and over again.. so naturally, my credit card hopped out of my purse, and swiped itself onto the card reader.. and then it was mine!

Select your garments wisely. After all, why do you want to buy something to just throw it away?

Do you re-wear old garments? Or are you guilty of buying, wearing once (or not at all) before chucking out? Let me know below!

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