My favourite ways to de-stress, and my top tips on having a positive outlook (despite having anxiety)

Thursday 26 July 2018

I was diagnosed with anxiety almost two years ago, but I had it for around three years prior to that. I don't like to speak too much about my mental health online, and I'm not too keen on going into lots of detail. In fact, I rarely speak to anybody about it other than my GP, family, and close friends. 

My anxiety ranges from general anxiety, to health anxiety, mild anxiety, and when it's around the time of my period each month, all of my anxieties become heightened by one million and one percent. Small things play on my mind, and I overthink everything. When I overthink things, I start acting erratic/manic, my breathing becomes shortened and faster, my heart rate goes up, I start sweating, and I also cry. I'm not like this all of the time, but trust me – when my period is on the scene, these symptoms are so heightened and it really ruins my life. 

I don't deal with these symptoms everyday, and my heart goes out to anybody who battles with these things on a daily basis. But when they are around, oh boy is it enough.

I've been looking at different ways that I can overcome certain things, alter my way of thinking, and change my life – and so far, so good. My anxiety has plummeted dramatically, and the only anxiety attacks that are regularly occurring are those that come on when I come on. I thought I would share my findings with you all, because the results are so amazing so far....

From meditation, the Law Of Attraction, CBT, and natural remedies – these are my top tips on de-stressing, and altering your way of thinking...


I've been meditating properly since January, and it's such a beneficial thing to do, whether you have mental health problems or not. Being at one with yourself is so relaxing, calming, and it really does clear your mind. When I meditate, I either put on a guided meditation or follow the steps from one of my favourite meditation or mindfulness books. When I meditate I usually find a cool and breezy area – either in a field or sitting on my bed with the windows wide open, and I'll empty my mind and sit for a while, reconnecting with the earth, universe, and with nature. It's a marvellous way to find yourself, and I have found that works so well with my anxiety. My favourite books are Stress Less (as it has 100 different ways to de-stress and be at one), Meditation (as it's full to the brim of incredible meditations and visualisations), and Live Better (as it introduces you into all things spiritual – it really is a brilliant introduction). 

Lavender Mists

Never underestimate the power of natural remedies, i.e. lavender oil/essence! Lavender works wonders, and I absolutely adore it. Lately I've been besotted with the Lavender Facial Mist from Sanoflore, and the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – these two incredible mists are fabulous, and really do help me to relax, destress, and clear my mind. The face mist is brilliant for use throughout the day, as it tones your skin, while relaxing your senses. And the pillow spray really does work of a night, when you're looking to get a deep, relaxed, and restful nights sleep. 

The CBT Good Habit Journal

I picked this book up on a whim, and I'm so pleased that I did. I have looked into CBT and I really wanted to try it, but as always, the waiting list was incredibly lengthy. So when I saw the CBT Good Habit Journal, it was a no brainer – I just had to get it. With helpful activities, tasks, and positive thinking rituals, this amazing book really opens your mind up to new ways of thinking, and enables you to undertake positive thinking with a full and open heart.

The Law Of Attraction

I've been following the Law Of Attraction for a while now (I have a blog post coming really soon on The Secret by Rhonda Byrne), and I do feel that it's a life changing ritual that enables you to become more mindful, happy, and positive. My way of thinking has changed so much in a short space of time. Obviously your way of thinking can't alter 100% overnight, but day by day I'm becoming more and more accustomed to The Great Secret, and it's marvellous. Being grateful for everything, visualising the future, and affirming everything you have and want – The Great Secret works wonders on anxiety, depression, and so much more. I honestly cannot recommend it enough.

Those four coping mechanisms are my main ways for dealing with anxiety and stress – but I do have some other ways too.

Listening to soothing music is another way I chill out – for me, soothing music is country music. I've got a playlist on Spotify that contains the most laid-back and chilled country songs ever. There's just something about country music that soothes me, and relaxes me. Country music is refreshing and for me, such a calming medium.

I also find lighting a candle and settling down with a cup of tea and a good book can work wonders. It's the little things in life that matter most, and for me this is almost a form of meditation. Lately I've been drinking Mint tea by Twinings (it's so refreshing, and perfect if you have IBS/IBD), I've been reading a book called Faking Friends by Jane Fallon (I've been reading so much this summer, and I've found that it helps A LOT), I've also been crafting (scrapbooking and knitting, and I have blog posts on these two topics coming real soon), and I've been lighting my favourite candle by Flamingo Candles – Mermaid Tears (it's the dreamiest, most refreshing scent ever)!

I really hope these tips have helped you – they help me on a daily basis, and if I can help just one person by suggesting any of the above tips, I'll be super happy!

What are your tips for de-stressing/dealing with anxiety? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

*Some of the books were bought a while ago, and are no longer available where I purchased them from, so although I bought them from a different retailer, I have linked the cheapest/most trustworthy retailers I could find.

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