Matching for Mother's Day | Gift ideas for your mum (and for you too)

Monday 5 March 2018

Me and my mum are extremely close. It's always just been us two and I've loved every second of it. She's brought me up absolutely wonderfully and I am so in awe of her admirable strength and out of the ordinary wonderfulness and fabulousness! I can remember when I was younger, and at high school, I would absolutely hate to walk out of the door wearing so much as the same colour as her – but as I got older I LOVED it, and now, well – you can't stop us!

My mum and I absolutely love matching. And for the past several years (probably since I was thirteen) we've been matching our pyjamas! It's just something we love to do – we just love to be #twinning! I think there's something really special about a daughter and her mother matching certain things.. it brings a warmth to you, a certain connection, a cord if you will.

In this post, I shall be showcasing the ideal gifts that you will love as well as your mum, so that you can be matchy-matchy this Mothering Sunday!

Lounge Suit by 'Nine by Savannah Miller' from Debenhams

This luxurious lounge suit by 'Nine by Savannah Miller' from Debenhams, is the most stunning lounge suit you will ever set your eyes on. With a classic button down shirt, with flattering tie to cinch in your waist, and wide legged trousers – this stunning set will ensure total comfort while leaving you looking chic and stylish around the house. My mum and I absolutely adore this lounge suit for lazy Sundays when we're chilled out on the sofa binge-watching a boxset! If you're planning on having a chilled Mothering Sunday with your mum or mother figure in your life, then this lounge suit would be perfectly suited for just that! Chic, comfortable and Instagram worthy? Yes please!! See what else Debenhams has on offer for Mother's Day here.

Olivia Burton Floral Watch from

Jewellery is something super cute to play matchy-matchy with you your mum with! A cute necklace or bracelet might be fitting, but a matching timepiece is something extra special, especially when it's as beautiful as this floral number from Olivia Burton. The Olivia Burton Ladies Flower Show Floral Watch retails at £85 from, which I think is extremely good value for such a stunning timepiece that oozes so much class and opulence. The dial is a floral motif, which has been printed on, and the strap is grey leather and extremely comfortable. The neutral colour palette means that this timepiece will team well with pretty much any outfit hanging in your wardrobe!

My mum and I absolutely adore these watches. We have a huge love for all things floral and metallic, so this stainless steel, leather and floral timepiece is perfect for us! Also, it's out first ever matchy-matchy watch so we're absolutely besotted!

Marc Jacobs Twinkle range from Fragrance Direct

Marc Jacobs recently released their gorgeous new limited edition fragrances, Daisy Twinkle and Daisy Dream Twinkle. Daisy Twinkle is more suited to me as I adore heady floral fragrances, whereas Daisy Dream Twinkle is more suited to my mum because she prefers musky, sensual fragrances. Daisy Twinkle is light and neutral with a deep heady floral undertone. With top notes of wild berries, mid notes of violet flowers and base notes of white woods – Daisy Twinkle is the iconic feminine scent of spring 2018! Daisy Dream Twinkle on the other hand has top notes of black cherry, mid notes of white fresh florals and base notes of whipped berry mousse. Daisy Dream Twinkle is muskier than Daisy Twinkle, and definitely a scent for those who love their musk based fruity fragrances! Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle EDT retails at £46.95 from, and Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle EDT also retails at £46.95 from

Beautiful books from the Folio Society

My mum and I absolutely adore reading. I mean, who doesn't adore getting their teeth into an amazing book? This Mother's Day my mum and I will be getting stuck into a different classic each. My mum is blonde, which is why I chose her 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' £19.95 (er, hello Marilyn Monroe), and I'm a brunette so I chose myself 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' £29.95 (er, hello Audrey Hepburn)! Both of these beautiful books are from the Folio Society. The Folio Society publish special editions of some of the worlds greatest literature. The editions that they publish are absolutely stunning – they're crafted to a very high quality and ooze pure opulence and class. With stunning illustrations, these beautiful physical books in specially crafted editions by Folio Society make the perfect gift for anybody who adores a good read. They have a library of hundreds of classic books, both fiction and non-fiction, why not take a peek on their online store?

Mugs from Dunelm Mill

A gorgeous mug doesn't go a miss either! Me and my mum are always collecting gorgeous mugs – we tend to buy them in twos! These stunning hand-painted mugs are from Dunelm Mill for just £3.50 each. See if they have your desired monogrammed letter here. Dunelm Mill also have a stunning range of mugs and teacups, all of which are stunning and perfect for gifting (as well as being reasonably priced too). 

Show her you care this Mothering Sunday and treat her to a day of twinning! I absolutely adore matching with my mum, and she loves it just as much as me.

Do you #TWIN with your mum or mother figure in your life!? Let me know in the comments below. I really hope you loved this post, my lovelies!

*Massive thank you to the brands that gifted me products complimentary for review, and a massive thank you to my mummy for enduring the above photoshoot, much to her dismay.


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