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Monday 25 December 2017

2017... what a year! So much has happened and the year itself has been both a lesson and a blessing. I'm really excited and positive about 2018, so I thought I'd write a little post summing 2017 up complete with some goals and aspirations I have for the year ahead....

Twenty-seventeen has seen me leave college, start university, meet some amazing new friends, achieve lots and realise an awful lot about myself, love and other people. 

In the first half of 2017 I was working on my final major projects for college - Tag Magazine and my film 'The Final Fitting'. It was a busy time of the year, but incredibly fulfilling and fun, I had such a wonderful time undertaking the role of Executive Editor on Tag 2017 and directing the film I wrote 'The Final Fitting'. In June I graduated from college with D*D*D* (the highest possible grade), a beautifully produced magazine, a marvellous film and two university offers.

In September I turned twenty and started university - two massive milestones in my life. Being twenty isn't majorly different from being nineteen, but starting university has changed quite a lot in life for me. Although I'm still living at home while at university, I feel that uni has made me a lot more independent - maybe because I'm an actual, fully-fledged adult now!? Yeah, probably. I have to pay bills, I have debts (aka the dreaded student loans) and I have to budget. I even got a fine for a prescription, like wow, I am adulting... big time. So yeah, I'm actually adulting, I'm studying journalism at an actual university and I feel like I'm growing up.. it's scary but it'll be fine.

In 2018 there's a lot I want to happen, and a lot I will make happen. You can't just sit back and want things to happen. You can't sit there and presume that you'll get your dream career, get that guy you like or become the person you're not - you actually have to make it happen. 

For the year ahead I have lots of goals. Goals involving my personal strength, my mindfulness and mental health; goals involving my personal life, love life and social life; goals involving my university progression, career and blog.. plus a lot more. I'm really determined to make every single day (hour, minute, second) of 2018 count. 

I want to embrace and love my curves more. I want to learn to love my imperfections - my flat hair, my side profile, my big bum and hips. I want to be comfortable being me. 

I want to succeed at university - I want to get good grades. I want to present my presentation in the new year with confidence. I want to study hard and reap the rewards later in life (when I'm the Editor of Vogue... obviously)!

I'm also producing an album with my music producer (friend from college). I've written many songs, all of which I am incredibly excited and so proud about. Singing was always my number one passion (yes, even before journalism), so I am thrilled to be following this dream of mine. I'm saying that my songs will get into the charts, but imagine if they did? It's definitely a BIG goal of mine! Watch this space. My original song 'Two Years' will be live online in the new year, so keep an eye out!

On another note, for the year ahead I really want to come off of my antidepressants. I've never spoken about this before, not on here and not to ANYONE other than my mother, a college lecturer and a friend. I like to keep my private life.. well, private but in order to overcome things, sometimes you need to talk about them. I've had anxiety for a while now, over a year to be more precise. Last autumn I was put on tablets by my doctor and I've attempted to come off of them twice and failed as I wasn't in the right place. In 2018 I plan to come off of them all together, but if I can't make it, it's not the end of the earth and I won't beat myself up over it.

Also.. I want to be more spontaneous – I want to be the girl that dances in the rain, the one who decides to go on a picnic last minute, the one who doesn't care what anybody thinks and the one who says "yes" more than she says "no"; I never want to say "maybe" and I always want to live life to the fullest. Midnight swimming in the sea? Yes. Kissing on the sidewalk in the pouring rain? Yes. 2018 will be the year I do all of the above and more. I'm ready to do everything I've never done and things I've done before. It's going to be my year - I'm claiming it and I'm ready.

Not a lot of people know this, not even my mum (so hey mum, if you're reading this lol). I am a complete hopeless romantic. If the fact that I am utterly obsessed with every single Taylor Swift love song wasn't a big enough clue, well, here I am confessing. I hate admitting this and I hate showing this side of me. Why? In case I get hurt. But truth be told, I absolutely love the idea of love, and falling into it. I love the idea of being romanced, courted and taken out on dates. I love the idea of feeling like I'm in a Taylor Swift love song and I really hope that 2018 will be the year I feel exactly like that. I've not been majorly in love before, nor have I ever had a relationship (what's one of those?). So yeah, let's see if 2018 will be the year that I find what I'm searching for...

I am wishing, praying and hoping for a 2018 that's brimming with all sorts of wonderful. Good health - both mentally and physically, happy memories, love, happiness, fulfilment and joy. I want to prosper, flourish and live every single moment wonderfully. I'll dance in the rain, smile at strangers, run for my bus (and not care how ridiculous I look), sing to my favourite song in public and I won't be afraid to fall in love. 

If I dream big, it's gotta happen right!? I will become the editor of Vogue. I will do well at uni. I will do well with my singing dreams. I will fall in love. I will be happy. I will be healthy. I will do everything that I want in 2018 - why? Cause it's MY year. That's why!

I'd also like to take a moment to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year... Twenty Eighteen can be yours too – claim it now and don't look back!

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  1. 2018 is going to be your year, smash it girl.
    I’ve had a horrible year, it’s been my worst yet, but I’m going to make next year incredible too!

    Have a wonderful Christmas-

    Molly xx

    1. Thank you so much darling! I really hope 2018 is the year we both need - amazing, full of everything fabulous and just bloody fantastic!

      Sending all my love and wishes for the year ahead!! - Mollie xx

  2. 2017 wasn't my best year, I've had some ups and downs so I will make 2018 my best year and I won't let anyone make me feel otherwise. I hope 2018 is the best year for you too!!!


    1. I really hope 2018 is amazing for you, Yiota! You totally deserve a kick-ass year!! Sending all my love and best wishes for 2018! - Mollie xx

  3. 2017 has been my worst year too & like you I'm also hoping for a lot of positive change in 2018 :) I started 2017 off in a very god place mentally (confident in school & public etc) but because of trolls online i suffered badly from depression, self harmed to the point of hospilisation & my life just fell apart. School & GCSES have broken me & have been so hard but I'm lucky to have really supportive people around me ❤️ In November I started therapy & so far I've had 2 sessions so I'm hoping to take big steps towards recovery in 2018 ✨ Wishing you all the strength for 2018 & thank you for opening up you are so brave xx

    1. I really hope 2018 is amazing for you, Orla! I'm so sad that 2017 was awful for you, but honestly, 2018 will be your year!!!!! Sending all my love. You're strong and you'll have an amazing year! - Mollie xx


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